Doorstep Theory

Stranger things = Those fringe[1] subjects of the Bible which exist at the intersection of the supernatural and natural, the immaterial and material worlds.

Why we are discussing these kinds of subjects = So that we are viewing of our world in the same way Jesus and those living in the ancient near east (the bible’s authors) viewed their world since this is not only the real world but also vital to proper biblical interpretation (or the avoidance of projecting on the text/reading into the text our modern ideas and assumptions [eisegesis] – e.g., Gen 2:18-20).

“It would be dishonest of us to claim that the biblical writers read and understood the text the way we do as modern people, or intended meanings that conform to theological systems created centuries after the text was written. Our context is not their context. The proper context for interpreting the Bible is …not the modern world at all, or any period of its history. The proper context is the context of the biblical writers-the context that produced the Bible…The biblical context was produced by men who lived in the ancient near east (ANE). Seeing the Bible through the eyes of an ancient reader [therefore] requires shedding the filters of our [modern] traditions and presumptions. They processed life in supernatural terms.” – Michael S. Heiser (The Unseen Realm)

Doorstep theory (def.,): Many of those currently living today (2024) will witness the return of Jesus (i.e., we are living on the “doorstep” of Jesus’ return) (Mat 24:32-35).

1. What makes this kind of claim (theory) provocative or (once more) fringe?

1.1. The great number of people who misunderstand what Jesus taught regarding knowledge of His return:

1.1.1. They think Jesus taught that the time of His return was unknown (even to Him) (Mat 24:36, 25:13; Mar 13:32-33).

1.1.2. Though Jesus did say we cannot know the exact day or hour, such statements were made in the context of telling His disciples what to look for as the sure-fire signs that His return was imminent (or would take place during the lifetime of many who witnessed them; again Mat 24:32-34; Mar 13:29). IOW: we may not know the exact day or hour, but we can be confident with respect to a small window of years (Mat 24:22).

1.2. The great number of people who fail to consider that Jesus gave such sure-fire signs so that those living at the time of His return would be prepared.

1.2.1. (Mat 24:42-51) = Those who are ignorant – or not convinced that Jesus’ return is imminent run the risk of falling away or being found unfaithful when He comes.

1.2.2. We as a church would therefore be foolish to avoid discussing such things if the evidence of these sure-fire signs seem to be present in our time.

2. What are the reasons for believing that we may be on the doorstep of Jesus’ return? Four sure-fire signs have been confirmed:

2.1. We are living less than ten years away from the 7th or Sabbath millenium.

Per God’s perspective and plan, each millennium represents one of the days of Creation. As such, the time the world will end and Messiah will return is on the Sabbath -or the beginning (seventh) millennium (i.e., 6,000 years after the 1st day of Creation).[2] We will officially enter the Sabbath or seventh millennium in 2033/34.

Support for saying Jesus will return during the Sabbath millennium which begins in 2033/34:

2.1.1. Peter confirms this as God’s view (2Pe 3:8).

2.1.2. The context of Peter’s words (in 2Pe 3) is Jesus’ return and the end of human history (2Pe 3:1-10).

2.1.3. Peter confirmed 2033/34 as the year we enter the Sabbath millennium in his preaching on Pentecost.

(Act 2:17-20) = Peter’s divinely inspired interpretation of Joel 2:28 as “And it shall be in the last days” indicates that the IPO of the indwelling Spirit marks the beginning of the final two millennia before the Sabbath millennium/time of Christ’s return. Why? 1) Peter indicates there will be plural days [or millennia] before the end – or Christ’s return (17, “last days”). 2) At the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry, we were already somewhere in the range of 4,000 years – which means Peter’s reference cannot be more than two.

This puts Jesus’ return somewhere around 2033/34 (or two thousand years after Christian Pentecost which took place in 33/34 A.D.).

2.1.4. Ancient Jewish tradition also taught this view (e.g., Talmud, Midrash literature).

2.2. Satan’s global misinformation campaign has begun and been successful.

(Rev 20:7-8a) = One thousand years after Satan’s incarceration in the abyss – or the advent of the church age (Rev 19:1-20:6), the dimensional portal will be opened allowing him to “deceive the nations” into thinking they are worshipping Jesus – when in reality, they have embraced false gospels and gods.

Support for saying that Satan has been released and poisoned the world w/false versions of Christianity and the gospel:

2.2.1. The official start of the false Christian religions of Roman Catholicism (RC) and Eastern Orthodoxy (EO) happened almost exactly 1,000 years (11th century Great Schism) after the establishment of Christ’s church on earth (Rev 20:7).

2.2.2. In fulfillment of Peter’s words, Martin Luther twisted the words of Paul and invented the FAG leading to the equally false Protestant Reformation (16th century) (2Pe 3:15-17) = As before, the context of these verses is the end of human history/the return of Christ.

2.2.3. False Christianity is now not only the predominant form of Christianity in the world but also the largest group of people on the planet. Almost 3 billion human beings (37.5% of all humanity) claim to be Christian according to some version of its main three false religions (PR, RC, EO).

2.3. The FAG has become the dominant gospel and those not adhering to it are heavily persecuted.

(Mat 24:8[3]-13) = The gospel being preached by the “false prophets” just before Christ’s return will be antinomian in nature (it will amount to “lawlessness”). IOW: obedience to God’s Law will be considered “nice but no longer necessary.” This lawless/antinomian gospel will also be the dominant gospel of the day. Hence the reason it “mislead many” (not few) causing “many” to “fall away and betray one another and hate another” (i.e., violate their covenant allegiance to Christ and/or His people, the church).

The desire for this gospel to remain dominant will also cause its lawless recipients to heavily persecute those who preach against it and lay siege to those remaining vestiges of God’s divine council on earth (Jud 1:8-10 w/14-15 = Rejection of the church’s DC/authority will also characterize the time just before Jesus’ return).

Support for saying the FAG gospel has become dominant and the authority of Christ’s churches and gospel are rejected and reviled:

2.3.1. The FAG is now a part of all popular versions of Christianity around the world – including RC/EO.

IOW: Most – including those in Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, teach some version of the FAG in that obedience is nice but not ultimately necessary to that person getting to heaven.

2.3.2. It is currently hard (impossible?) to find churches teaching a gospel where obedience to all of God’s Law is necessary to be saved (Rev 20:8-9) “surrounded the camp of the saints” = Indicates that Christ’s churches – or those covenant community embracing the true gospel, will (at that time) be few in number and therefore easily outnumbered (“surrounded”) by those in Satan’s false gospel (FAG) churches.

2.3.3. The Evangelical church’s rejection of church authority/DC (2Pe 2:10).

2.3.4. With respect to persecution: our experience at Christ Covenant Church (e.g., the lies, slander and other forms of ill-treatment we have endured for speaking against the FAG, asking questions or attempting to create dialogue) (Mat 10:25).

2.4. Just before Christ’s return, the true gospel will be recovered and revealed to the world.

(Mat 24:14) “preached to the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end will come.” = Just before Christ’s return, the gospel lost through the deception of Satan and suppression of false Christianity will be found and bore witness to as not only part of God’s final judgment against the nations, but also the means to saving those few who remain welcome to Him (2Pe 3:9).

Support that the true gospel has been recovered and is being preached to the whole world:

2.4.1. The gospel of G&M preached throughout redemptive history by Jesus has been recovered by Christ Covenant Church (“Judaism 2.0.”, covenantal nomism).

2.4.2. Our internet presence has allowed us to accomplish this global gospel witness almost instantaneously given that most (if not all) of the civilized world (who Paul is referring to) has access to the internet.

3. What things remain unfulfilled – yet seem to be on the horizon (what should we be looking out for)? Two things:

3.1. Satan and his demons’ returning to earth as Jesus and His angels/holy ones.

Satan’s entire global misinformation campaign has been leading to one major event: the great Jesus fake-out. He and his demon’s will return to the 3rd dimension as Jesus and his angels/holy ones in supposed fulfillment of the Scriptures – or more specifically, its Dispensational Premillennial interpretation. This means the immediate establishment an earthly, global kingdom of unified peace, healing miracles (e.g., healing cancer), massive blessings and last chance salvation. All nations and people (even those formerly not Christian) will unite under him (as Jesus) given he will (in his big reveal) also save the planet from nuclear war; a war he has secretly been instigating and influencing between the US and Russia for many years (also consistent w/Dispy Pre-mill doctrine).

Support for this view:

3.1.1. (Mat 24:15-28) = Satan presenting himself to the world as the returning Jesus; (2Th 2:1-10) [v3, 9] “apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction…the one whose coming is in accord with/conforming to the activity of Satan with all power and signs and false wonders” = Satan disguising and designating himself as the returning Jesus and promoting the lawless – “lawless” obedience is nice but not necessary FAG. [v7a] “mystery of lawlessness is already at work” = The seeds of the Evangelical FAG will precede and prepare the stage for his arrival along w/its most popular eschatological system: Dispensational [Pre-Trib Rapture] Premillennialism. [v6,7b] “what restrains him now” = Not who but what: the tech to not only get back to the 3rd dimension in corporeal form but also stop the nuclear war he secretly instigated to win the rest of the planet to him. [v8] = The reign of Satan-Jesus will be short lived as the real Jesus’ return will bring immediate destruction [“slay with the breath of his mouth”] to him and his rebellious FAG followers (2Th 1:7b-10 and Rev 20:9b).

3.1.2. (Rev 20:8 “Gog and Magog, to gather them together for the war”; See also Eze 382 and 39:1) = Many scholars believe this is a reference to modern day Russia and the (nuclear) war they will (be influenced by Satan – vv7-8) to start.

3.1.3. Becoming the savior of the problem/war you (secretly created for that very purpose) is a proven age-old tactic for winning the masses to you or your cause (e.g., create gun violence as a means to getting legislation against gun ownership; “Lest we forget…[we must acknowledge] the very first radical…known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.” – Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals).

3.1.4. Evidence of UAPs/UFOs shutting down nuclear missile silos in the US and Russia coupled w/the fact that the rise in UAP/UFO activity started when we gained nuclear capability in 1945. Is it possible this is also the reason for the frequent number of UAP/UFO sightings off our coasts by our Navy? In all of this are we simply witnessing the test flights of the vessels they intend to bring down the missiles, stop the war and save the planet? Is it possible that alien abductions are real and additionally a means to testing the tech they will eventually use to stage a mass “pre-trib rapture” of Evangelicals (before the nuclear launch)? Is it possible Satan is behind all of the recent pre-occupation with aliens and UFO/UAPs(e.g. Government and govt official’s admission of UAPs and/or alien lifeforms, Congressional hearing with David Grusch [Air Force intelligence officer], David Fravor [Navy pilot] and Ryan Graves [Navy pilot], Jacques Vallee [famous astronomer, computer scientist who believes aliens may be angels: “when God exited, the angels beamed in”], Cymone’s Homeland Security briefs [w/Space Force, regarding disclosure from the Vatican]) as a means to getting us ready to receive the supernatural w/open arms? (e.g., military dropping propaganda leaflets to influence/prepare the people to be favorable to them when they arrive).

3.2. A large number of Jews will become true Christians.

The nation of Israel will receive the recovered gospel and convert to true Christianity rejecting the counterfeit Jesus and his false FAG.

Support for this view:

3.2.1. The Jews will never receive or recognize as Messiah anyone who rejects their Law as necessary to salvation.

3.2.2. Paul seems to predict a future mass conversion of Israel (Rom 11:25-27; Also Hos 3:4-5)

3.2.2. John seems to predict that the time of Israel’s conversion will be right after the great Jesus fake out – or just before true Jesus’ return (Rev 20:9) “camp of the saints and the beloved city” = Very possibly a reference to the nation of Israel’s conversion to Christianity [G&M gospel/law-loving gospel/Judaism 2.0.] in defiance of Satan-Jesus and his “lawless” FAG. If so, then God’s justice will prove to truly be poetic (since according to Premillennial doctrine and expectations, Israel will not oppose – but submit to Pre-mill Jesus).

4. What are the practical implications and application of what we just learned?

4.1. Deep conviction in relation to Marriage Covenant Gospel and the ability to prove it from the Scriptures will be the only thing that will keep you from being duped by Satan-Jesus and falling away when things get crazy (Mat 24:13,35-44 22; 2Th 2:11-15).

4.2. There is no time to waste when it comes to not only doing what it takes to produce the aforementioned conviction and knowledge but also faithfulness to God’s law, church and gospel (Mat 24:42-25:46).



[1] Subjects not part of the mainstream; topics or understanding that are unconventional and/or uncomfortable to modern culture and thinking.

[2] “The belief that the seventh millennium will correspond to the Messianic Age is founded upon a universalized application of the concept of Shabbat—the 7th day of the week—the sanctified ‘day of rest’. This tradition maintains that each day of the week corresponds to one thousand years of creation: Just as the six days of the work week culminate in the sanctified seventh day of Shabbat, so too will the six millennia of creation culminate in the sanctified seventh millennium (Hebrew years 6000–7000) — the Messianic Age.” – Wikipedia (Year 6000)

[3] “the beginning of the birth pangs” = Adverse weather and wars (vv6-7) are not the definitive signs that the end is near but “merely” the pre-requisites or precursors to what will be.

What the Bible Teaches About Resurrection

Resurrection (def.,): The supernatural phenomenon whereby the present state of those who have died is replaced by once more being alive in a physical/material body yet unable to die again.

1. Easter is also known as “Resurrection Sunday” since it marks the day Jesus Christ became the first person to experience resurrection. Jesus’ resurrection is also the reason God’s people corporately worship God on Sunday rather than Saturday (Rom 6:9; 1 Co 15:20; Act 20:7 = Every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday).

2. Jesus’ resurrection (to Paradise): 1) proved that He is the Divine Son of God (Rom 1:4 w/Joh 10:18), 2) means His sacrificial death was sufficient to propitiate – or satisfy God’s requirements for cleansing the sins of His people and make them truly righteous before God the Father. As such, the temporary injunction of animal sacrifices (“pass-over atonement”) was forever canceled (Rom 3:23-25, 4:25 w/Heb 10:10-17; also Mat 1:21).

3. No one since Jesus has experienced resurrection since: 1) the son of the Shunammite woman, the widows’ sons, Lazarus, Dorcas, and Eutychus experienced resuscitations not resurrections given they died again (1Ki 7:17-23; 2 Ki 4:18-37; Luk 7:12-15; Joh 11:39-44; Act 9:36-41, 20:9-10), 2) all those who have died in the past currently exist like God without physical/material bodies ([Due 4:15-18 w/Joh 4:24 w/Luk 24:39] w/1Co 15:20-23; 1Th 4:16-17; 2Co 5:8).

4. Every person who has ever lived will experience a resurrection at the return of Jesus to earth (Joh 5:28-29; Act 24:15 [Dan 12:2; Psa 11:7]).

5. Before Jesus’ resurrection, those who died went either to Abraham’s bosom (the temporary resting place of righteous disembodied spirits) or Hades (the temporary torturing place of wicked disembodied spirits) and neither could cross over to the other (Luk 16:19-26).

6. After Jesus’ resurrection, those in Abraham’s bosom were allowed into heaven (their sins having been propitiated versus simply passed over) to fellowship w/the Trinity, the angels and the righteous disembodied spirits of those who die after Jesus’ resurrection (Heb 9:15-16 w/Eph 4:8-10; 2Co 5:8; Luk 23:43).

7. Experiencing the resurrection of the wicked will: 1) be the fate of most human beings because they chose to love wickedness rather than put faith in and be faithful to Jesus during their earthly life (Mat 7:18-23; Luk 13:23-24; 2Th 2:1:5-9, 2:10-12, 2) be followed by God’s condemning judgment and then being tortured in a lake of fire everyday forever (Psa 11:4-6; Rev 20:11-15; 2Th 2:10-12; again Joh 5:28-29 and Dan 12:2).

8. Experiencing the resurrection of the righteous will: 1) be followed by God’s approving judgment then an eternal life of never sinning, suffering or being bored, as they will be forever equipped with superhuman bodies and forever occupied with discovering, developing and enjoying King Jesus’ perfect new – and infinite universe to His glory (Rev 21-22), 2) require not only pledging your allegiance to Jesus in this life through baptismal faith but then living in faithful obedience to those vows until you die or Jesus returns (1Pe 3:21; 1Jo 3:7-10; Luk 20:35 “those considered worthy to attain to the resurrection [of the righteous] w/Joh 5:29).

9. We should not be surprised that people mock our belief in a future resurrection, the resurrection was as unpopular (a belief) in the ANE as it is today (e.g., Act 17:18 w/31-32). To not believe in a resurrection – most especially, the resurrection of Jesus, will eternally condemn you (1Co 15:1-4 “the gospel which I preached to you” w/Gal 1:6-9 “a different gospel…anathema”).

“Nobody in the pagan world of Jesus’ day and thereafter claimed that somebody had been truly dead and had then come to be truly, and bodily, alive once more.” – N.T. Wright (The Resurrection of the Son of God).

10. The fact that there will be a future resurrection not only confirms that this is not the only life we will live, but that the point of this very temporal life is to determine what version of eternal life we deserve (1Co 15:32).




PHI 3:10-11

“10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death; 11 in order that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.”