Spy The Lie – Part 3: Discerning Truth

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 22, 2022

Safely navigating our souls to the shores of heaven requires we spy the lies that lead to shipwreck and the truth those lies often conceal.

  1. You don’t have what it takes to live for God and get to heaven (2Pe 1:3).
  2. The Devil poses no threat to the Christian (1Pe 5:8).
  1. The consensus of pagans, our thoughts, our spiritual beliefs, and our feelings are all things we can trust when attempting to discern truth.

3.1. Those who trust the consensus of pagans are following the consensus of the Devil and his demons (Eph 2:1-2).

3.2. God considers those who trust in their thoughts to be fools – or even worse, evil (Pro 3:5; Pro 28:26; Psa 10:4; Psa 14:1; Psa 73:12-16, 21-22).

3.3. Hell is going to be filled with “Christians” who trusted in their spiritual beliefs (i.e., who called their sacred cow, “Jesus”) (Exo 32:4 “these are your gods…who brought you up out of the land of Egypt” = YWH [the Trinity] is a cow [possibly Apis of the Egyptians]; Rev 22:15 “idolators” = The Scripture’s main audience is always those claiming to follow the God of the Bible. As such this term refers to false Christians, those possessing/protecting/worshipping a sacred cow they call Jesus; e.g., Evangelical Christianity – 1Ti 4:1 “depart from the faith” [pistus] = “depart from faithfulness” as confirmed by the appositional phrase that follows [“by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and the teachings [religion/beliefs/sacred cow] of demons.” Faithfulness to God is replaced by faithfulness to the Devil – Deu 32:17 “new gods that had come recently” = The 16th century Protestant Reformation and the sacred cow of “faith-alone Jesus”; Luther was not the restorer of the gospel but the destroyer of worlds. His faith alone gospel may have marked the beginning of the end of human history – Mat 24:12]).

3.4. Trust in our feelings is:

3.4.1. the behavior of young people and the children of wrath (2Ti 2:22 “passions” [Grk., epithumia = Feelings/emotions – see 1Ti 5:11] = Feelings-oriented living is most associated w/young people. Hence the reason young people are always at greater risk of apostasy; Eph 2:3)

3.4.2. how we lose the war for our soul (and are re-corrupted) (1Pe 2:11; Jam 4:1; Feelings are the source of most temptation – Jam 1:13-14 “desires”[Grk., epithumia = Feelings/emotions])

3.4.3. a rejection of our salvation (Tit 2:11-12, 3:3; Gal 5:24-25; 1Pe 1:14)

3.4.4. what will characterize the world and false churches just before Jesus comes back (Jud 1:17-19 [Notice: operating by feelings = void of the Spirit; 2Ti 3:1 w/4:3)

3.4.5. risky given they are shortcuts that may be inaccurate/wrong (Feelings don’t think. They are instead thinking-shortcuts established by learning adopted in prior situations that alert us when our senses identify situations similar enough to those prior situations -e.g., the feeling of an ex-Mormon around caffeine; Deer urine in hunting/cheese in the mousetrap/expository preaching equals a biblical church – 2Pe 2:12).

3.5. Truth is discerned through God’s Word which is outside of us (unlike our thoughts/beliefs/feelings which are inside of us) (Joh 17:17 w/Joh 18:33-38 = Pilate’s words reflect the popular philosophical thought of his day, that discerning truth/reality requires judgment from a source outside of us – i.e., divine/special revelation).

3.6. We need to train our minds to think Biblically about everything – most especially the little things (Luk 16:10 = The principle being communicated: what we practice when there is no pressure/stress [the little things] is what we will automatically resort to in stressful situations or under pressure [the big things]. Hence the reason the Army [now] puts 1.1. million soldiers thru “stress-resilience training” [“training washes out our natural dispositions” – Anders Ericsson]. If you are not training your mind to make easy decisions based on God’s Word then you will not respond biblically/be able to make biblical decisions when things are get stressful).

3.7. Diagnostic examples:

3.7.1. Worldview: 1) consensus (availability heuristic) = evolution/atheism (Psa 14:1), 2) thoughts/feelings (affect heuristic) = evolution/atheism (Psa 10:4, 14:1), 3) truth (God’s Word) = (F = ma)∞; (Rev 22:11-12)

3.7.2. Christian Salvation: 1) consesnsus (availability heuristic) = faith alone, Calvinism 2) thoughts/feelings (affect heuristic) = faith alone, Calvinism, 3) truth (God’s Word) (Jam 2:24 = [J = W+F] not [F= J+W]; Col 2:12 = Ordo Salutis: faith then regeneration – not regeneration then faith [the Ordo Salutis of Calvinism])

3.7.3. (Eph 5:4): 1) consensus (availability heuristic) = F-word etc. (what the culture considers filthiness, foolish talk, crude joking), 2) thoughts/beliefs/feelings (affect heuristic) (e.g., cancel culture/I don’t like the way it makes me feel, so it must be bad) = F-word, etc., 3) truth (God’s Word) = (Eph 5:3) **When has morality ever been determined by the culture?