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There is a galactic war that has been raging since the beginning of Creation. It is the war between God’s kingdom and loyal servants (the kingdom of light or Christ) and those who have chosen to rebel against Him (i.e. the kingdom of darkness or Satan and his loyal followers – i.e. the world) (Col 1:13; 1Jo 5:18). Its theater of battle encompasses the entire Creation – the heavens (all the galaxies and planets in our infinite universe) and most especially, planet earth, the home of God’s special image-bearers. Every human being who has ever lived, is living or will live (in the future) is a soldier at the center of this war regardless of their awareness or agreeableness to it. We are born on the battlefield and we will eventually die in its combat. This war is therefore the longest and largest war ever fought. It is however not without purpose. Those who fight successfully – who fight for the right side (the side of God versus Satan and the world) – thus proving their loyalty and worthiness, will inherit life in God’s New Creation (one without the possibility of war or sin) as His immortal star travelling conquerors and planet-improving engineers, bringing the paradise of Eden/heaven to the rest of the galaxies in an infinite universe.

1. God (the Immovable-Mover, the Un-Created Creator) created out of nothing (ex nihilo) in six literal days, countless numbers of galaxies and planets – including the planet earth and its special immortal image-bearers, mankind (Gen 1:1, 27; Joh 1:1-3; Heb 11:3; Exo 31:15-17; Isa 55:9 w/Psa 147:5).

2. Earth was to be mankind’s home-base and the place where they would start their God glorifying, image-bearing mission of cultivating and conquering the entire universe thru expanding the borders and replicating the life-giving beauty of Eden – their mountain-top, temple-paradise, garden-headquarters on earth, to the other planets in the vast space of God’s infinite universe. That such edenic terra-forming was our mission not only on earth but the rest of the infinite universe is supported by:

2.1. God’s creation mandate (Gen 2:15 “work” = Cultivate and expand. Spreading God’s glory/beauty as represented in Eden until it covered rest of the planet was the mission and expression of mankind as God’s image-bearers. This is how they would fulfill Gen 1:26-28)


2.2. God’s character (nothing is created w/o purpose – Pro 16:4) and cosmic design (earth as the prototype for the rest of the universe – Psa 78:69).


2.3. God’s confirmed plan for the New Creation (Rom 8:18-23) = Creation here refers to more than the earth. It is the entire universe that is in focus and will “obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God” in the New Creation. IOW: it too will be revived or freed from its futility (existence w/o purpose – think about the planets – dead rocks floating around in futility) and made glorious (i.e. given purpose and life) at the time (or in the place) of our redemption (i.e. the New Creation). Paul’s explanation of the New Creation is contrasted w/the original implying that this was its purpose (as well) before the Fall.

3. Shortly after creating the universe, Satan, one of God’s highest ranking angels, abandoned his post as guardian cherub of Eden and attempted to supplant God as Creation’s new king (Isa 14:12-14; Eze 28:13-17). A third of the angels followed Satan’s mutiny (Rev 12:4a – “His tail swept down a third of the stars…”) and a heavenly war ensued ( Rev 12:7 – “Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back”).

4. Satan and his coup were defeated in their efforts to take God’s heavenly throne and pushed backed to the realm of the earth (Rev 12:4b – “[Satan’s] tail swept a third of the stars and cast them to the earth”; Rev 12:8-9).

5. Realizing his heavenly defeat and relegation to earthly quarters, Satan set his sights on the destruction of God’s Creation and image thru the corruption of mankind – most especially those in covenant relationship with God (Rev 12:12-17 = The “woman who gave birth to the male child” is OC Israel/God’s covenant people given her description in verse 1; Gen 37:9-11). Satan’s mission of destroying God’s covenant people also included the One sent to redeem them (Rev 12:4c = The “woman” is again, OC Israel, the “child” to be “devoured” is Christ based on the further description provided in verse 5).

6. Satan’s primary strategy for corrupting mankind = An anti-God propaganda campaign focused on persuading us that God (or His words) cannot be trusted ultimately leading to our own rebellion/disobedience against Him ( Rev 12:9 – “Satan…the deceiver of the whole world”; Joh 8:44; Gen 3:2-6, 3:13). Satan’s strategy includes also disguising himself (or those working for him) as good and committed to mankind’s good (2Co 11:14).


CLOSING CONTEMPLATION: How does our rebellion destroy Creation and God’s image?