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(7-8) – “godliness” = eusebian

2.1. Why “true religion” is a better translation of the word (eusebian):

2.1.1. This is how the word was understood in ancient times.

2.1.2. “Godliness” (literally, behavior that is like God) is too vague.

2.1.3. This translation is more consistent with Paul’s primary purpose for writing the pastorals (1 and 2 Timothy and Titus) which is catechizing people in truth/sound doctrine/correct religious confession.

2.1.4. This translation makes other passages in the pastorals (where we find this word) clearer as to their meaning.

2.2. E-Method versus B-Modification

EMBM2.2.1. Focused on: changing the mind thru meditation on the answers to life’s ultimate questions (Who is God? What purpose were we created for? Why do we suffer and bad things happen in the world? When are we most happy? How do we discern/discover truth? Where is everything heading?)Focused on: changing behavior through positive and negative reinforcement of the rules.2.2.2. Results: Conviction (soul change/l-t behavior/operate by beliefs/identity based on what I believe/perseverance)Results: Conformity: (superficial change/s-t behavior/ghetto mindset/operate by instinct or desires/identity based on what I possess/fickleness)2.2.3. (e.g. 2Co 4:8-14)(e.g. Mat 13:5-6 w/20-21)