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1 Timothy 4:7-11


Desirable behavior created through focusing on what to do (and what NOT to do) coupled with positive and negative reinforcement (e.g. rules resulting in reward and punishment depending on our response).

1.1. Why we can be confident that what Paul is talking about when he uses the phrase “bodily training” is indeed behavior modification (versus) some form of physical fitness:

1.1.1. Physical fitness IS NOT a component/factor of spiritual fitness (Col 2:20-23).

1.1.2. Spiritual fitness is Paul’s concern in our verses.

1.2. SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE MADE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION your primary training in living the Christian life:

1.2.1. you think LIFE is just a giant maze built on conformity.

1.2.2. your parenting creates the idea that life is nothing more than a giant maze of conformity.

1.2.3. YOU are driven by experience

1.2.4. you have a hard time staying the course.

1.3. What this means/does NOT mean:

1.3.1. It does NOT mean that if you have spent time teaching/reinforcing god’s rules to yourself/your children, you have failed/should stop.

1.3.2. It does mean that if you have made behavior modification your primary focus in training yourself or your children, then you and them are most likely at risk (spiritually).