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As discussed (in Part 1), following Christ requires that you daily submit every single area of your life (your mind or heart, your decisions and desires, your worries and cares, your past, present and future) to His Lordship (His Word, will and way) and justice (His penalty for sin), so that it will count for His Kingdom. Anything less than that is not following Christ according to how He defines it in (Mat 16:21-24, Luk 14:25-35, Luk 9:32 and 62) and will not only fail to be effective in dealing w/sin, but manifest itself in a lack of boldness, interest, passion or loyalty for Christ in comparison to other things (Mat 6:21; Exo 20:3; *passion is what happens when you invest everything [when you give your whole life/everything you are/your present and future/all your hopes over to the Lordship of Christ].

With that in mind, consider further, these truths as to what Following Christ is not:

It is not confusing.

It is not going to make temptation/trials go away.

It is not separate from loyalty to the church.

CLOSING CONTEMPLATION: REMEMBER what we learned (two weeks ago) regarding HOW WE FIX the problem of NOT FOLLOWING CHRIST (the way He defines it and demands it be done): WE do it by REPENTING (which means confessing where we have missed it, committing to change that and then conforming every area of our life to that new way).