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Stranger things = Those fringe subjects of the Bible which exist at the intersection of the supernatural and natural, the immaterial and material worlds.


“It would be dishonest of us to claim that the biblical writers read and understood the text the way we do as modern people, or intended meanings that conform to theological systems created centuries after the text was written. Our context is not their context. The proper context for interpreting the Bible is …not the modern world at all, or any period of its history. The proper context is the context of the biblical writers-the context that produced the Bible….The biblical context was produced by men who lived in the ancient near east (ANE). Seeing the Bible through the eyes of an ancient reader [therefore] requires shedding the filters of our [modern] traditions and presumptions. They processed life in supernatural terms.” – Michael S. Heiser (The Unseen Realm)


Dimensional portals (def.,): doors or gates and their accompanying bridges connecting the immaterial/spiritual/supernatural world to the material/physical/natural world allowing those with access, the ability to travel or send/receive things from one dimension (or realm) to the other (e.g., Rev 4:1 “door” = Portal; Consider also 2Co 12:2 – Like John, Paul most likely travelled through a dimensional portal).

1. Summary of what we learned in our previous two discussions:

1.1. In the Bible, access to the divine (a heavenly portal/gate which in most cases, is also identified as the house of God) is associated w/mountains (including hills and high places). Hence the name, “El Shaddai” (Literally, “God of the Mountain”):

1) Mt. Eden (Eze 28:13-14 “Every precious stone was your covering” = This statement along w/what follows could be a reference to a temple like structure that existed as God’s house on the mountain – Precious stones were a part of Solomon’s Temple – 1Ch 29:2)

2) Mt. Ephraim (Gen 28:10-22 “a ladder was set on earth with its top reaching to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it…‘This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate [portal] of heaven [Bethel].’” w/Jug 4:5 “Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim”)

3) Mt. Sinai/tabernacle (Exo 24:1-18 w/the tabernacle being constructed at the base of the mountain – Exo 40)

4) Mt. Zion/Jerusalem Temple (Psa 84:1-3, 9), 5) Jesus as the eschatological Mt. Zion/Temple (house of God) (Mat 16:18 “rock” [mountain] w/Dan 2:35 [7:13] w/Isa 2:1-3; Joh 1:14 “dwelt” = Literally, “tabernacled”; Joh 2:19-21 w/Rev 21:22; Mat 16:19 “keys [to the portal/gate] of the kingdom of heaven”). Hence why also (Gen 11:1-9 “Babel” – later, “Babylon” or “Gate of Heaven”).


1.2. In the Bible, bodies of water (seas, lakes and rivers) are associated with death, the wicked and demons (Psa Psa 9:17 “the wicked…Sheol”; Luk 8:31 “demons…the abyss”, 16:23 “[wicked] in Hades”; Mat 8:31-32 “[the demons possessing the swine] rushed…into the sea” w/12:43 “[exorcised demon] passes through waterless places seeking rest [a water-filled place]”) (In re: to both Psa 18:1-17).


*For further study see L. Michael Morales (Who Shall Ascend The Mountain of the Lord?)


2. Conclusions (Inferences/Hypotheses) that can be drawn from what we have learned:

2.1. The above two truths, are why God’s salvation often involves (or is depicted as) deliverance from the watery depths and ascent to the mountain heights (bc we are moving from death to life/new life):

1) Noah and family: were delivered from the global flood to Mt. Ararat (Gen 7:6-7 w/17w/21-8:4)

2) Moses and Israel were delivered thru the Red Sea to Mt. Sinai (Exo 14:29-30 and 19:1-2)

3) David (in re: to Saul’s deadly manhunt) was delivered from “the torrents (rushing water) of ungodliness (or demonic assault, 1Sa 16:14)…the cords of Sheol…the snares of death…the many waters” to a place “on high” to the mountain of God – or God who is the mountain (“rock”) (Psa 18:1-7 w/15-17)

4) Us/Christians were delivered thru the waters of baptism symbolizing the place of our sin/death to new life on the mountain that is Christ (1Pe 3:20-21 w/Rom 8:3-4) Who experienced the same path in His mission to save us: baptism unto death (Luk 12:50) leading to resurrection and heavenly ascension from the top of a sacred mtn (Mt. Olivet).


2.2. Access to God – or His sacred mountain (for forgiveness, blessings, empowerment, guidance) has never been something available in any place, at any time or in any way (Exo 19:10-19 w/Psa 15 = Access to God/His mtn is limited and restrictive; Joh 12:25-26 = Access to El Shaddai Jesus is limited and restrictive; Again Mat 16:18-19 [Joh 20:21-23] = Forgiveness exists only in the church planted on El Shaddai Jesus and thru the hands of His anointed priests [Jam 5:14-16]).

2.3. Only God can open portals to heaven. The only portals we can open, are those to Hades (e.g., Gen 28:16 “surely God is in this place and I did not know it”) = Jacob plays no role in opening the portal, only in recognizing it. (Gen 11:4 w/6) = Their efforts in opening a heavenly portal was an exercise in futility, what however they could open in respect to evil had no limits [“nothing evil which they purpose to do will be impossible for them”]; 1Co 10:20 “sharers in demons” = Sacrifice to demons opens portals to [contact w/] demons).


2.4. Heavenly portals are necessary for salvation (Joh 3:3 “born again”) = Literally, born from above (Grk., anothen = Above, e.g., Joh 3:31 [“He who comes from above”]). Hence the reason the sacraments reside w/the church (i.e., the house of God/gate of heaven where these portals exist) (Mat 16:19).


2.5. The closer the portal the closer the help or hindrance (Dan 10:2-13) = It seems as though the angel was not able to simply appear at the place where Daniel was praying and fasting, but rather had to travel (from Jerusalem) through Persia to get to him (i.e., God was not willing to open a portal in Babylon). This implies that portals are not everywhere and the time it takes to receive supernatural help is determined by their proximity (See Num 1:51-2:2 w/Psa 34:7; Consider also Mar 5:25-30 = Jesus as the new house of God, was a walking portal). The proximity principle should also be assumed in relation to demonic activity (1Th 2:18 “Satan hindered us”).


2.6. The world is filled w/churches (sacred mountains) who, because their gospel is false and/or are compromising, have filled the world w/portals open to the demonic realm (Mat 16:18 “gates of Hades” w/Rev 18:2; Combined w/the previous point consider all the Evangelical churches that start in public schools – or false Christian schools [Roman Catholic, Evangelical] and what that means for those places – i.e., they are being overrun by demons. Could this be the reason for the uptick in violence, idolatry and immorality in our schools today?).


2.7. It should come as no surprise that false versions of Christianity share many similarities to true Christianity since this is how all effective false religions work. Consider the false religions of the ANE started by the 70 nations who are the descendants of Noah’s rebellious sons Ham and Japheth (Gen 10 Table of Nations). Because they share the same ancestors and experiences as the true followers of YHWH, what they produce as their god and religion share many of the same names, stories and beliefs (e.g., portals, sacred mtns and high places, the necessity of sacrifice, stories of Creation and the Flood, etc). The differences (in these false versions) exist in those areas where the truth is incompatible with their desires or agenda (e.g., a gospel req’g only faith to be saved).

The PNTM: counterfeits versions of YHWHism are bound to look like what is legitimate because of their past history or prior connection to the truth. Yet in the end, what they are – no matter the level of similarities, is a religion worshipping demons (e.g., Evangelicals are worshipping demons they call YHWH or Jesus. How many demons have been afforded the name YHWH or Jesus?).


2.8. Our tithing (or lack thereof) affects whether or not the heavenly portal (and its benefits) are available to us (Gen 28:22) = The ancient religion passed down to Jacob by Isaac and Abraham taught him the necessity of tithing to maintaining access to God’s heavenly portal and receiving His blessings (Mal 3:8-10 “windows” [Heb., arrubbah] = Flood-gate).


2.9. The biblical relationship between the sea and the demonic (Rev 13:1), as the alternate, acceptable existence for demons (Mat 8:32), could be the reason for UFOs entering and exiting from our oceans.


2.10. False churches are our world’s greatest threat: they promise a portal to heaven yet open those leading to the Hades and the devil (Rev 18:2)


2.11. The safest place on earth: Christ’s church (Joh 1:51; Mat 7:24 w/Psa 18:1-3),


2.12. Is it by accident that Christ Covenant Church sits on a high place (a hill) in the Mile High City – or is it poetic providence?