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The abundance of biblical and extrabiblical evidence regarding demons and demon possession should leave no doubt of their existence.

The religious (or Christian) community is not the only one who acknowledges the existence of demons and demon possession. Demons and demon possession are also confirmed in the research and observation of many within the scientific community including those in the fields of philosophy, social science, psychiatry and physics. Thousands of cases of demon possession have been recorded going back to antiquity including almost every known human culture citing this supernatural phenomenon as the only possible diagnosis (philosopher and social scientist, Dr. Traugott Oesterreich, psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Gallagher). The (relatively) recent “discovery” of the fourth dimension has caused many physicists to reject their former materialist religion (i.e. only the material realm or third dimension exists), positing that the fourth dimension (a very non-material realm) may be the place consciousness (or the spirit) enters upon death (theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku). Additionally, they believe there is a causal relationship between this dimension/realm and our own (e.g. theoretical physicist, Dr. Albert Einstein).

(Who then are the demons?)

The Bible seems to indicate that demons are cherubs or military-grade angels, who because of their rebellion, forfeited not only their position as guardians of God’s throne, earthly kingdom and people, but also the privilege of possessing third-dimensional, material or physical bodies.

(Eze 28:13-18; Gen 3:1-6, 13-15) = Both texts contain evidence that strongly suggests Satan and the other cherubim at one time possessed third-dimensional, material or physical bodies. The loss of these bodies is among the main contributing factors to the demons becoming “body-snatchers” (i.e. seeking to possess the bodies of other sentient/reasoning beings – humans).

The combination of losing of their physical bodies (in Eden) along with their (later) defeat by Christ (in a heavenly war), has intensified the demons’ efforts in destroying God’s kingdom and people on earth.

3.1. The demon population (i.e. those cherubim who supported Satan in his rebellion against God in Eden – or at the historic Fall of mankind, and therefore were among those who lost their physical or material bodies in this world/the third-dimension), represent one-third of the total angels.

(Rev 12:1-4) = The “woman” in John’s vision refers to Israel. Hence the mention of “a crown of twelve stars.” The “great dragon” is Satan who – along w/a “third of the stars” are waiting to “devour”/destroy the woman’s child at his birth – a reference to Christ’s birth or first advent and earthly ministry. The reason the “third of the stars” is mentioned as having been “swept down” by the dragon/Satan’s tail is b/c they represent the number of angels in support of Satan at the time of his rebellion against God in the garden of Eden. “Stars” as a metaphor for Israel and angels is used elsewhere in Scripture (Gen 37:9; Job 38:7)

3.2. Satan along w/his fellow fallen angels (or demons) would later be defeated in a heavenly war w/Christ’s armies that would not only quarantine them to the same fourth dimensional space occupied by the earth (in the third dimension), but intensify their efforts to destroy God’s kingdom and people.

(Rev 12:7-12) = Based on the details included in this portion of John’s vision (most esp. those found in verses 10 and 11), the “war [that] arose in heaven” took place sometime after Christ’s ascension back to heaven. Christ’s victory at the cross was precipitated by a bold and desperate attempt by “the dragon and his angels” against the citadel of heaven itself. However, Christ’s armies – led by “Michael and his angels”, were too powerful and the demons “defeated” yet again (According to DSS11Q13, Jesus/Melchizedek was also in the fight – Luk 10:18). The resulting penalty was permanent quarantine on the earth (again verse 9). Seeing that Satan and the demons now reside only in the spiritual realm, means that what is being communicated by “thrown down to the earth”, is rather “thrown down [to the same fourth dimensional space occupied by]… the earth [in the third dimension]” – the place Scripture refers to as “Sheol”, “Hades”, “the pit”, “Abaddon” or “the abyss” (Gen 37:35; Job 26:6; Job 28:22; Job 33:28-30; Psa 16:10; Psa 28:1; Psa 30:3, 9; Psa 49:9; Psa 88:11; Pro 15:11; Pro 27:20; Isa 14:13-15; Isa 38:18; Eze 26:20; Eze 32:18, 23-25, 29-30; Jon 2:1-6; Mat 11:23 w/Luk 10:15; Luk 8:31; Act 2:27 [Psa 16:10]; Rev 1:8 w/6:8 w/20:13-14; Rev 9:1-11; Rev 20:3//Dan 10:13 w/Gen 28:12; This is also the dwelling place of the wicked dead – Luk 16:22-23) . Prior to this, Satan/demons did enjoy at least limited access to heaven (e.g. Job 1:6; 2Ch 18:18-21). Such geographical sanctions – along w/what their prior defeats communicate regarding their future, has intensified Satan and the demonic realm’s efforts to destroy God’s kingdom (on earth) and people. In other words, to take as many to Hell with them as they can (again verse 12).

The best way to accomplish the demons’ mission of destruction against the church (God’s kingdom and people) is through bewitching and possessing Christians.

IOW: Christians can be 1) bewitched = under a demon’s persuasive power/listening to them (Gal 3:1 – “bewitched” w/Gal 1:8 [also Peter and Barnabas, 2:11-13]; Joh 13:1-2; 1Ti 4:1; 1Th 3:5; Consider also Joh 8:43-44; 1Jo 3:7-10; 2Co 11:3 w/13-15) and 2) possessed = under a demon’s persuasive power and physical control (Joh 13:26-27 w/Luk 22:3; Consider also Joh 6:70; Mat 16:21-23). IMPORTANT POINT NOT TO MISS = We are Satan and the demonic realm’s number one target for bewitching/possession (1Pe 5:8) = The “someone” is a Christian according to verse (9).

Since possession affords demons respite from incarceration in Hades, they will also possess non-Christians.

According to Scripture, the fourth dimension of “Sheol”, “the pit” –or “Hades” is not a comfortable realm to exist in. It therefore makes sense that the demons would attempt to remove themselves from there through commandeering the bodies of any human being who is vulnerable and the space is available (Zec 9:11 w/Luk 11:24 w/2Co 5:1-4 = The physical bodies we possess [and the demons once possessed] are a “home” that is desired over “being found naked” or dwelling in the “waterless place/pit” of Sheol/Hades. This most likely b/c it is a place of torment – again Luk 16:22-23; Hence the reason – Luk 8:31; Consider also 2Pe 2:3 – “Tartarus” = Fiery mythological prison for wicked spirits – including demons).