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1. Image bearing was God’s PURPOSE in creating us.

2. Image bearing is, therefore, how we WORSHIP God.

3. Being God’s image-bearers is an immense and rare PRIVILEGE.

4. Image bearing is why God SAVES people.

5. Image bearing is, therefore, what will determine where we spend ETERNITY.

6. To be made in the image of God is to reflect, imitate, and copy Him in FUNCTION, not form.

7. Attempts to reflect God in FORM are the basis of history’s first two sins.

What being an image-bearer of God looks like:

1. Like God, we put all things under our care, in their proper order.

2. Like God, we develop or cultivate the raw materials we possess.

3. Like God, be most committed to the church.

4. Like God, we respond in kind.

5. Like God, mercy/forgiveness/grace never negates justice.

6. Like God, we view the apostate as a spouse who left for another lover and murdered our children.

7. Like God, we are only willing to have relationships with those who seek Him.

8. Like God, we don’t care what the wicked thinks of us.

9. Like God, we make his Law our highest authority.

10. Like God, we view all truth, even the smallest, as most essential.