Solomon’s Three Keys to Avoid Regret

If you were born between the years of 1980 and 2005, you are a millennial. If you are one of these individuals, society tells us that you seek three things from your adult years and your career. The first of these is accountability. You want to do a job that other people notice and hold you accountable to do. A job that places responsibility on you, something where if you don’t do your job, something else can’t happen, this is accountability. The second thing you want is sustainability. You’re not looking for a job that won’t last. You want to do something that will stick around after you’ve retired or you die. You’re searching for your legacy. The last thing society says millennials want is to make an impact. You don’t want to do something that won’t “change the world”. In either a small or a big way, you want to make an impact. The last thing a millennial, or really anyone, wants to do is to reach their later years and reflect back on their life and feel regret. Indeed, few people will argue with me saying that regret is one of the worst feelings you can experience.

For a Christian, and Christian millennials, Solomon has some advice to avoid regret. Three “nails” that must be in place now in your Christian life if you want to avoid regret later. For that, listen here: Three Nails That Must Be Firmly Fixed If You Want to Live Without Regret.

We also talked about depression and “deathbed baptism” this past Sunday, if either of those interest you, listen here: Understanding the Cause of Depression and The Importance of Churches Only Baptizing Individuals They Know.