A Reflection on Needful Change

It’s Fall time here in Colorado. This means the hillsides are glowing with the reds and yellows of the aspen trees that thrive in the mountains. The change in colors is not the result of these aspens deciding to put on a show once a year. It is instead a time of preparation for the winter to come. If these aspens were to somehow fail to shed their leaves, there’s a good chance they would lack the energy and water reserves to survive through the winter. It’s clear that for those aspen trees, Fall marks a time of necessary change if they are to continue living.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, a time for reflection on when change is necessary. We did just that this past Sunday, if the subject of change and when it is needful in the life of a Christian or a Church interests you, then listen here for more: A Lesson in Needful Change, or here for the other topics we discussed: The Difference Between a Weak Christian and a False Christian, and Hurricanes and Tragedy and What That Tells Us About Finding Biblical Churches.