What You (the Christian) Need to Know

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Sep 25, 2015

What you, the Christian, need to know to safely navigate through this life and successfully make it to heaven: the Gospel, the Enemy, Yourself.

1. The Gospel – Without the gospel, no-one goes to heaven. Therefore, knowing the gospel is imperative.

2. The Enemy – Knowing (as Christians) who are our enemies, is just as important as identifying our friends. It is also key to not confusing the two. Oftentimes because Christians fail to identify the enemy, they are duped and deluded by them – assuming them to be friends.

3. Yourself – Knowing the gospel and the enemy get us nowhere if we possess bad personal mirrors. We (therefore) must also be aware (and ready to change if necessary) who we are if what we find is more congruent w/the enemy (and their gospel) than the sound/biblical gospel message.