Understanding the Cause of Depression

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Oct 1, 2017

1. Depression (Genesis 4:1-7)

1.1. The difference between depression and sadness or discouragement is that depression is unauthorized feelings of sadness, self-pity, or discouragement. (v. 6)

1.2 What causes depression and is considered “unauthorized”: Unbiblical expectations. (vv. 3-4) (e.g. unbiblical expectations in relation to your job, your life, your marriage, your kids, your relationships, your family, your looks, your age, your team, anything and everything where you expected the outcome/result of something to be other than what the Bible says causes feelings of depression)

1.3. The solution: Stop having unbiblical expectations and start living according to God’s expectations and design. (v. 7)

1.4. The danger: depression indicates an anti-Lordship (or authority) attitude is ruling your life which will mean Hell and no self-control.


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