The Christian Cults (CC): Roman Catholics

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Aug 16, 2015

Despite popular belief, the Roman Catholic Church (RC or RCC) is not the direct descendant of the apostolic church, nor was the apostle Peter her first pope. Such thinking is pure myth as there is no evidence of Peter ever going to Rome and the office of “pope” was not established until the Constantine’s empire in the 4th century (1st pope = Damasus, 363- 384). The Roman Catholic Church as she exists today is rather the result of the historical event known as the “Great Schism” which took place in the 11th century. Many of her current (and most damning) doctrines/beliefs are also the product of this much later time in her history. It was because of the RCC’s rampant papal corruption and false doctrine that an attempt was made in the 16th century to reform her (i.e. the Protestant Reformation). Though this event failed, through it the truth of God’s Word and gospel were restored and covenant communities established where biblical Christianity was practiced (i.e. Reformed Churches, “Post tenebras lux” – motto of the PR). From that historical point forward, the RCC has been considered an apostate branch of Christendom – much like that of former OC Israel. ¬†Buzz words associated w/RC: “Hail Mary, full of grace”, “praying the rosary”, “praying to Mary”, “praying to St. ___”, “going to Mass”, “going to confession.”, “transubstantiation”.