Systematic Theology Part 15: Theology Proper – The Trinity Part 2

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Oct 20, 2015

1.4. The doctrine of the Trinity teaches:

1.4.1. Exclusivity: There is only one true God Who is the Eternal King, Creator and Sustainer of all things. All others are false gods.

1.4.2. Plurality: This one true God exists as three separate/distinct Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

1.4.3. Equality: Each person within the Godhead are fully God existing of the same essence, being, substance or nature (as it re: to the Father = Joh 6:27, 20:17; 1Co 8:6, 15:24; Gal 1:1; Eph 5:20, 6:23; Phi 2:11; Col 1:3, 3:17; 1Th 1:1-2; 1TI 1:2; 2Ti 1:2; Tit 1:4; 1Pe 1:2; 2Pe 1:17; 2Jo 1:3; Jud 1:1 ; as it re: to the Son = Isa 40:3 w/Mat 3:3; Isa 9:6 w/Luk 2:11-12; Joh 1:1-17, 5:18, 20:28; Rom 9:5; Col 1:19, 2:9; Tit 2:13; Heb 1:1-14; 2Pe 1:1; 1Joh 1:1-4; as it re: to the Holy Spirit = Joh 3:5-8 w/1Jo 3:9; Act 5:3-4; 1Co 3:16).

1.4.4. Unity: Each person within the Godhead act in complete harmony with the others (Joh 5:19, 30, 14:30-31, 16:13-14, 17:1, 5, 10, 21-26).

1.4.5. Indivisibility: Though existing as three separate Persons, God is at the same time, to be understood as One Divine Being (Joh 10:30, 12:45, 14:9 w/Joh 1:18; Gen 6:7, 15:1, 17:1, 26:24, 28:13-15, 35:11, 46:2-3; Exo 6:29, 20:2-3; Lev 26:13; Num 15:41; Isa 43:10-28, 45:5-7; Jam 2:19).

“In the unity of the Godhead there be three persons, of one substance, power and eternity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.” – Westminster Divines

“While he proclaims his unity, he distinctly sets it before us as existing in three persons…The Father, Son and Spirit are one God, and yet that the Son is not the Father, nor the Spirit the Son, but that each has his peculiar subsistence.” – John Calvin

“God eternally exists as three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and each person is fully God, and there is one God.” – Wayne Grudem

“The Father is God, The Son is God, The Holy Spirit is God, God is the Father, God is the Son, God is the Holy Spirit, The Father is not the Son, The Father is not the Holy Spirit, The Son is not the Father, The Son is not the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit is not the Father, The Holy Spirit is not the Son” – Shield of the Trinity (12th cent.)

1.5. The “Three yet One” aspect of God revealed in Scripture is a mystery the Christian must accept. All attempts to reconcile this enigma to our finite understanding end up:

1.5.1. Denying some aspect of the biblical witness: Three-leaf Clover (denial of Equality)  Man as a father, as son and a spirit (denial of Plurality).