Spy The Lie – Part 2: The Devil

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 15, 2022

Safely navigating our souls to the shores of heaven requires we spy the lies that lead to shipwreck and the truth those lies often conceal.

  1. You don’t have what it takes to live for God and get to heaven (2Pe 1:3).


  1. The Devil poses no threat to the Christian (he is only concerned w/kids from Hawkins, Indiana living in the 80’s; Per a 2020 Barna report, most American Christians no longer believe in Satan/Devil).

2.1. The Devil hunts Christians like a hungry lion (1Pe 5:8 = Peter’s analogy of the hungry lion is no doubt meant to convey something about those most likely to become the Devil’s prey: 1] the weak [Pro 24:10], 2] the isolated [Pro 18:1], and 3] the foolish [Pro 5:22-23 w/12-14]).

2.2. The Devil can tell who is vulnerable or compromising and demands that God give him access to us (Zec 3:1; Luk 22:31).

2.3. The Devil lives to make war against true Christians (those who know they must obey to be saved). IOW: we are his primary target (Rev 12:7-17).

2.4. Every true Christian (i.e., those living faithful to their King) will experience suffering brought on by the Devil (1Pe 5:9).

2.5. Christians who keep playing around with sin can be possessed by the Devil (or one of his demons) who will convince them to betray King Jesus (e.g., Joh 13:26-27; what about the Holy Spirit? Psa 34:7 w/1Th 5:19 and Eph 4:30; What about guardian angels? Heb 1:13-14 w/Mat 13:41-42).

2.6. Jesus teaches that the Devil wb successful in turning true Christians into tares or troublemakers in the church (Mat 13:36-43).

2.7. The Devil is all about appearances (2Co 11:4; Joh 7:24).

2.8. The two things that make you the weak, isolated, and foolish – or easy prey of the Devil (Jam 4:7-8): 1) selfish living/tolerance for wickedness (“cleanse your hands, you sinners”; The Devil loves to entice us to selfishness and the tolerance of wicked or worldly things – Jam 3:13-15, 4:4 ), 2) unresolved doubt/unbelief (“purify your hearts, you double-minded”; 1Pe 5:9 “Resist him, firm in your faith”; The Devil loves to create/exacerbate doubt – 1Chr 21:1. The number one lie the Devil uses to turn our doubt into damnation: we have [or should have] the freedom to live according to how we feel without consequence – Gen 3:1-4; this “freedom w/o consequences lie is the golden rule in the religion of Satanism). The pursuit of holy living and seeking to resolve our doubts is therefore how we get the Devil to flee from us – rather than feasting on us (this is also how we “draw near God/submit [ourselves] to God”)

2.9 The truth this lie often conceals: 1) You don’t go to the world to find your worth (e.g., success: I don’t trust I can be successful unless I listen to the Devil’s/world’s advice; counseling/therapy: I believe psychology knows best how to think, raise my kids or run my marriage; 1Jo 5:19), 2) You don’t go to the darkness to find the light (e.g., CAM: I tolerate practices mixed with darkness to solve my health problems – 1Sa 28:5-16; sex: I purchase things from world’s adult stores to help with my sex life). When we turn to the world or darkness to solve our problems we put our eternal state in more danger than we can imagine (professor of Psychology at New York Medical and practicing exorcist, Dr. Richard Gallagher, claims that demons view us as “stupid apes” because of how easy it is to expose us to their damning deception – 2Co 11:14).