Spy The Lie – Part 1

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 8, 2022

Safely navigating our souls to the shores of heaven requires we spy the lies that lead to shipwreck and the truth those lies often conceal.

  1. You don’t have what it takes to live for God and get to heaven.

1.1. The fact that God will judge everyone according to their deeds proves we have what it takes to obey His laws (culpability necessitates ability) (Deu 30:11-16).

1.2. More than anyone else in human history, we as Christians have less of an excuse and more potential to live for God. Why? Because of what took place in our baptism: 1) we died to sin through the death of our King. His propitiatory sacrifice was applied to us bringing death to sin and its enslaving power in the soul (Rom 6:1-7 w/Paul’s comparison to life under the OC Rom 7:1-14, 24-25, 8:1-3 = Because the OC was pass-over only [i.e., God’s “stay of execution” until propitiation could be made – Rom 3:25], sin and its power remained in the soul. Living for God was doable, but extremely difficult. Then Jesus came and made propitiation which means though “sin is still resident in the flesh, it is no longer president in our soul.”). 2) we have been born again by the Holy Spirit Who now abides with us as an empowering helper in our efforts to fulfill God’s laws and refuse the sinful desires still residing in our flesh (Rom 8:4, 12-13).

1.3. The aforementioned “divine power” along w/the knowledge or renewing of the mind that happens when we change our thinking to match what is taught in God’s Word gives us everything we need to live for God and get to heaven (2Pe 1:3; Rom 12:1-2 = Spiritual worship happens thru renewing our minds. Notice it is not optional. When God reveals that what you think is wrong, it is expected that you will immediately change your thinking/belief/practice).

1.4. The above reasons are why Peter warns that those Christians who allow themselves to be caught back up in sin and (once more) corrupt their souls will be in a spiritual state worse than what they were before they were saved (2Pe 2:20-22 w/3:17-18; also Heb 10:29). To whom much is given much will be required. Equipped for success = Expect no less.

1.5. The truth this lie often conceals = You don’t want to do what it takes to get to heaven (Luk 13:24).