Punch List – Part 1

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Aug 15, 2021

PUNCH LIST (def.) = A list of those items that remain outstanding (or undone) and must be completed to finish a job and receive final compensation. Applied to the Christian life, no Christian can die with a punch list intact and expect to get to heaven. IOW: we must finish our punch list (1Co 9:24; 2Ti 4:7-8; Rev 2:23 w/26 w/3:2). The below items represent those things your pastor believes to still be on some of his people’s punch list:

  1. Ditch the skirt. (1Co 16:13)
  1. Teach sinners your ways. (Psa 51:7-13)
  1. Imitate don’t “ignorate”. (Eph 5:1; Phi 2:5-11).
  1. Be a sponge, not a shield. (1Pe 2:1-12, 2Co 6:11-13, Act 2:42 , 1Co 1:10, Luk 9:57-62)
  1. Get your head in the game. (1Co 16:13, Luk 21:36; 1Th 5:6; Rev 16:15, 1Pe 5:8). 

CLOSING CHALLENGE/CONTEMPLATION = DON’T WASTE ANY MORE TIME! If you have stuff on the punch list (I’ve talked about today), then get those items cleared off your record ASAP (before it is too late). Finish the punch list so you can win (versus lose) the eternal reward.