My Version of A Christmas Carol – Part 2

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Dec 13, 2015
Charles Dickens produced his as a Christmas gift to his family. And this (also) is the reason for mine. It is my gift to you. A gift to get you thinking about what really matters. The differences between my version and Dickens: You (not Scrooge) are the main character. And you are visited by an Angel (not ghosts) on Christmas Eve. Finally, Dickens’s version is pure fiction, whereas mine is based on reality. It is about what may be your story. Here (then) is the story.
As you lay in your bed on Christmas Eve, thinking about all the plans and presents that await you, (all of a sudden)an angel appears AND TELLS you three things:
1. You are going to die.
2. Hell is (very) real place.
3. There is a (very) good chance that you are going there.
3.1. Because you keep treating Jesus like your hall-pass for small sins.
3.2. Because you think Jesus buys into your victim mentality as a valid excuse for your disobedience.
3.3. Because you are more worried about making (or keeping) friends/family than making disciples.
3.4. Because you won’t stop practicing sexual immorality.
3.5. Because you are the church’s Judas.
3.6. Because you live like following Jesus does not require radical commitment and continued change.