Matthew 1.0

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 8, 2016

In ancient times, when a family adopted a child, they believed that child to have equally adopted their family tree. Though there would clearly be a physical difference between the adopted child and the one blood-born based on their differing gene pools, their “spiritual genes” would be the same.  In other words, the adopted child was seen as possessing the same spiritual potential, obligations, and purpose as found in their adopted family’s ancestral line. And this was good thinking since it is also what the BIBLE teaches! Adoption changes the spiritual potential, obligations, and purpose of that child to the family (and ancestry) they have been adopted into.  In other words, they receive the “spiritual genes” of their adopted family.

  1. The perfect example of what I am talking about (the Bible teaching this) = Mat 1:1-17
  1. Why it is important to understand this distinction (3 reasons):
  1. What does Jesus’ spiritual genes (or adopted family tree) tell us about Him in the categories of potential, obligation and purpose? (Starting then w/…)
    3.1. POTENTIAL (1-6)