Love Is The Answer – Part 1

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 13, 2018


  1. The Action of Love: Righteous behavior in relation to persons, God, and people or things.
  2. The Affection of Love: Deep feelings or emotions of adoration, admiration, attachment, favor, and fondness for someone or something.

Love Is The Answer

  1. The action of love is the basis of all God’s commands.
  2. The action of love is the key to all human flourishing/prosperity, both temporally and eternally.
  3. The action of love is the definition of forgiveness
  4. When a community is acting according to love in relation to one another there is also three things:
    1. Mercy – caring for the poor/needy
    2. Truth – honest communication
    3. Justice – making things right
  5. We must possess both the actions and the affection of love for those in the church if we hope to get to heaven.