A Lesson in Needful Change

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Sep 24, 2017

1. A Lesson in Needful Change

1.1. Change is what you do when you realize you are wrong – or there is a better way.

1.1.1. In the moral realm, this is called repentance (and is necessary to salvation).

1.1.2. In the amoral realm, this is called adaptability, progress.

1.1.3. God has made the world and therefore greatly blesses those who have the courage and wisdom to lead through change. (Neh 8:13-16)

1.2. Change is therefore wisdom when done for the good of God. (2Co 1:16-23)

1.3. Changing our name is not a sign of instability, but rather a demonstration of greater stability and ability to survive and thrive.


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