Journaling: Numbers 10-13

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Dec 29, 2019
  1. God gives what the prescribed symbols (or sounds) signify (10:9-10 “remembered…reminder” = reckoned…record).
  2. Like God, His people are expected to respond appropriately (or exactly according) to what has been communicated (10:1-10, 11-28 – gather versus go to war, set out versus stay put; e.g. strike the rock versus speak to the rock – Exo 17:6 versus Num 20:8-12 = Curse is the result of not responding exactly according to what has been communicated).
  3. God’s blessings to us should be shared with those who help us in our efforts to follow Him (10:29-32).
  4. God’s guidance/help does not exclude the procurement of human guidance/help (10:29-33).
  5. God’s presence/promises does not negate our need to (still) pray to Him for such things (10:34-36).
  6. God ordains/decrees inadequacy and inefficiency (or less than ideal situations) as tests of our trust in Him and therefore expects us to not complain (11:1 w/Exo 15:24 [bitter water], 16:3 [in the wilderness, no meat], Exo 17:3 [no water]; Consider Exo 16:4).
  7. God will be patient w/our revisionist history, questioning and distrust – even at times sympathetic to our complaints about inadequacies/inefficiencies – but only for so long, then such behavior will spell our demise (The people – 11:1-9, 31- 35 versus Moses – 11:10-30).
  8. The prayers of God’s (righteous) ordained men have great effectual power (11:2, 12:13-16; See also Num 6:22-25, 21:7; Gen 20:7; Jam 5:16-18; Joh 14:13-14, 15:16, 16:23-24).
  9. Though not all of God’s leaders are ordained/anointed, all bear a measure of the Holy Spirit’s spirit (in authority) (11:16-17, 25-26 w/Joh 20:21-23 w/Eph 4:7-11 = Christ as King distributing His authority to the various sacred offices in the church): 1) Lower courts w/Levites and elders [“shepherds”]; Deu 16:18-20, 2) Supreme court w/high priest or chief shepherd [“Jesus”; 1Pe 5:4] and ordained priests [“apostles, prophets…shepherd-teachers”]; Deu 17:8-13).
  10. The measure of God’s anointing among His anointed/ordained leaders determines the authority they possess (12:1-8 w/Eph 4:7, 11 – “apostles” over others; Consider 1Co 12:28, 15:9).
  11. It is dangerous and serious sin for lay-people in the covenant community to consider themselves equal in rank/authority – or as instruments through whom God is leading – w/those who are righteous (“meek”) and functioning in His sacred ordained offices (12:1-12 = Aaron was and Miriam was not [functioning in an ordained/anointed office since this office is not available to women] and so suffered for her remarks).
  12. Fearing that God will fail to give you what He promises is also dangerous and serious sin no matter the size of the obstacles in between (13:1-33).