Journaling: Luke 22-24; Galatians 1

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 31, 2020

Luke 22-24

  1. Satan: 1) answers the prayers of the wicked (22:1-6), 2) possesses the insubordinate among Christians (and) uses them to destroy God’s King/Kingdom (22:3-6), 3) advances his kingdom thru betrayal (22:6; Gen 3), 4) knows us better than we often know ourselves (22:31-34) and 5) is listening to our words and actions to find weakness (e.g. Mat 16:22).
  2. Jesus provides His people w/everything they need to prepare and perform proper worship to God (22:7-13).
  3. Jesus changed the Passover meal into a remembrance of: 1) His sacrifice to establish the New Covenant (22:19-20), 2) His longing to celebrate w/us in the Kingdom of heaven (22:14-18).
  4. Though Jesus had “determined” to lay down his life as our atoning sacrifice for sin, it did not need to happen thru being “betrayed” (22:21-23).
  5. True leaders serve those they lead since being the boss doesn’t mean you get to be the biggest baby (22:24-27).
  6. Those who Jesus picks to be His leaders in heaven (22:30; “eat & drink at my table” = A statement also implying leadership in heaven. You sit at the officer’s table) are: 1) those willing to go thru “trials” w/for Him (22:28), 2) assigned His Kingdom on earth as the test (of their fitness) (22:29).
  7. Big talk can express (even encourage) big weakness (22:31-34).
  8. The biblical basis for armed protection in the church (22:35-38).
  9. Our feelings/emotions are not to determine what we do/don’t do, what is right/what is wrong (22:39-42).
  10. During difficult times, we must pray to God for strength: 1) to do the right thing (22:39-43), 2) until we are strong enough to handle it (22:44-45), 3) viewing it as more important than sleep (22:46).
  11. The danger of presumptive zeal: 1) when realized, the embarrassment will challenge one’s loyalty to the course (22:47-60), 2) will lead to bitter regret (22:61-62).
  12. Bad theology and the support/pressure of big crowds make people bold in their blasphemy and bad behavior (22:63-23:25).
  13. Those who want to get rid of Jesus (or Christianity) don’t realize the evil nightmare that will be released upon this world (23:26-31).
  14. There are 3 kinds of rebels against God. Those who are: 1) ignorant opportunists (23:32-34), 2) opposing mockers/blasphemers (23:35-39), 3) embracing justice in repentance (23:40-42).  Only the last kind get to heaven (23:43).
  15. What may look like a great mistake or failure may actually be the greatest victory (23:44-49).
  16. The bodies of the righteous are to be interred in an honorable way (23:50-56).
  17. To see Jesus for who He claims to be (24:50-53) – and avoid becoming an eternally damned and doubting “fool”, you must seek to know: 1) the circumstantial evidence (24:1-12, 13-21), 2) the historical eyewitnesses (24:22-24, 33-43, 48), 3) the biblical explanation (24:25-32, 44-47, 49).

Galatians 1

1) Paul – like the original 12, was appointed directly by Jesus to be His apostle (1:1-2).

2) God’s will is to: 1) bless His people (1:3), 2) forgive His people (1:4a), 3) deliver us from sin (1:4b), 4) be glorified thru our lives (1:5).

3) When you should be concerned about the Gospel you embrace:  1) when it has changed (1:6-9), 2) when it’s not from Jesus (but man) (1:11-12), 3) when it’s about pleasing people/self (1:10, 13-18), 4) when it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny/cost you anything (1:18-24).

4) There is one saving gospel message. To possess the wrong gospel is to possess God’s damnation (1:6-9; “let him be accursed” = Let him be damned).