Journaling: Judges 6-9

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Dec 20, 2020
  1. Being God’s people guarantees that we wb punished if we live in disobedience to His commands (6:1; Heb 12:5-6; 1Pe 4:12-18; Pro 11:31; Lam 3:39; Deu 28:15-68).


  1. Living in a cave, never being able to get ahead in life or possess enough sustenance, always being taken advantage of by others, having all your effort come to waste, becoming very discouraged or depressed; these are some of the things God does to His people when they live in disobedience to His commands (6:2-6a).


  1. God uses His ministers to tell His people, “I told you so” (6:6b-10).


  1. Even the courageous and loyal among God’s people (6:12 – “mighty man of valor” = Gideon was a courageous and loyal man to God and His people; Jos 1:14, 10:7) can at times be guilty of: 1) missing the forest for the trees (6:10-13), 2) doubting themselves and seeking assurance from God (6:14-21, 36-40, 7:9-15), 3) fearing men (6:25-27).


  1. Plenty of problems could be avoided if we learned to listen/respect words (What God said was, “w/you” [6:12]; what Gideon heard was, “w/us” [6:13]).


  1. There is a big difference between doubting oneself and doubting (testing) God (6:15 – “Please Lord, how can I save Israel?”, 36– “save Israel by my hand” versus Deu 6:16 w/Exo 17:1-7 – “Is God among us or not?”).


  1. Outside of a few exceptions, the first time most people will see God is on the day of their death or Judgment Day (6:22-24; Heb 9:27; Rev 20:11-15).


  1. A good sign that people have drifted away from faithfulness to God is that they demonstrate more willingness to fight for their own interests than the interests of their God (6:28-35).


  1. Being the severe underdog can be a sign that God is going to give His people a great victory over their enemies (7:1-9; 300 versus 135,000 – 8:10).


  1. God uses belief to not only save but also destroy (7:13-25; 2Th 2:11; Hence Col 2:4).


  1. Wrong perspective equals wrong emotions (or) change perspective, change emotions (8:1-3).


  1. Severe discipline or death is reserved for those who refuse to support God’s commissioned men or their mission – especially when they are “exhausted” (8:4-17, 5 and 15 – “exhausted”).


  1. Courage and loyalty to God and the (covenant) family is what: 1) causes a person to seek justice in re: to their bros/sis (8:18-19), 2) separates the boys from the men (8:20), 3) determines a person’s strength in the midst of adversity (8:21).


  1. The godly intentions of God’s men are thwarted by gold, glory and girls (8:22-35; Top three reasons good pastors go bad).


  1. Those who gain authority, power or loyalty by partiality (9:1-3, 18b) and collusion (9:4-6, 18a), have been known to be cursed by God (9:7-21 w/56-57) with: 1) short reigns/careers (9:22; Pro 29:14), 2) treachery/mutiny/anarchy within their leadership (9:23-29 w/20), 3) bloody civil wars and horrible atrocities (9:30-49), 4) a disgraceful death (9:50-55).


  1. Besides medicinal use (Pro 31:6; 1Ti 5:23), the only other permissible use of alcohol is sacred celebration: happy celebration to God for His abundant provision to us (9:13 – “cheers God and men” = God becomes happy as we use wine to make ourselves happy over His goodness to us – e.g. Psa 104:15; Ecc 9:7, 10:19; Mic 2:11; Joh 2:1-12).