Journaling: Joshua 2-5

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Sep 20, 2020
  1. Civil disobedience to protect the innocent among God’s people from being destroyed by the evil governments of this world wb: 1) viewed as faithfulness/loyalty to God/covenant community (2:1-16, 12 – “dealt kindly” = Literally, acted w/ faithfulness/loyalty [Heb. hesed]; Pro 24:11), 2) rewarded – even if that person is a pagan (2:17-21; Mar 9:41; See also Mat 1:5 = Rahab was welcomed into the covenant community).


  1. Spreading the news about Who God is and what He has done has proven to be a powerful tool for evangelism and advancing His kingdom (2:8-11, 22-24; Act 2:5-11; Psa 71:15-19, 145:1-12).


  1. Redundancy is one of the means God gives to us for discerning His ways/deliverance (3:1-13, 9-10 w/Exo 14:1, 14-16, 21-22 w/Exo 19:9-15; See 4:21-24).


  1. God’s love for His people is such that He is willing to “cut off” the resources of others, to prosper them (3:14-17; Rom 8:32).


  1. God gives “sign(s)” as a means to remember His deliverance/salvation (4:1-8, 19-24; Luk 22:19-20; 1Co 11:23-25).


  1. Great men are known by the power of their instruction (3:7-4:14).


  1. When we forget what God has done, we forget to fear Him (4:23-24).


  1. God and His people have been known to leave behind evidence (or “many convincing proofs”) of His miraculous events (Jos 4:9-18 = Stopping the Jordan to accommodate the passage of 2 million+ people [Num 26 = 600,000 men + women and children] would have been impossible given the technology of the day, the width [>100ft]and depth [>10ft] of the river and strength of current [~5-7mph during flood season = tornado force winds]. Hence the reason – 5:1; e.g. the flood = Gen 7:11-23; S&G = Gen 19:23-29).


  1. Believing that some men can have two foreskins is what happens when you attempt to understand things without their context (5:2 w/o 3-5).


  1. Being faithful and patient to do the little things is key to being successful in the big things of life (5:2-10 = They had to faithfully take care of their spiritual state [“circumcision”, “Passover”] – as well as be patient as they “healed” and observed God’s prescribed holiday , before God would view them as above “reproach” or fit to be wealthy land-owners. Hence the reason 5:11-12 = The “land of Canaan” and its “fruit” was now theirs).


  1. Joshua saw Jesus Who: 1) is a mighty warrior (5:13-15; If it would have been an angel then – Rev 19:9-10, then 11-16; Jer 20:11 – “dread warrior” = warrior causing panic), 2) serves the “LORD”, not men (5:13-14), 3) requires we be holy to stand before Him (5:15; The same wb true on J-Day).


  1. Jesus teaches us that caring for people means not caring about people (5:13-14 w/2Ti 1:7, 2:4; 1Jo 2:15).