Journaling: Joshua 18-21

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Nov 15, 2020
  1. To be united w/God and receive His forgiveness (justification/salvation) we must go to His house (18:1 “tent of meeting” = Literally, “tent of reunion” Deu 12:11; Jer 7:12; Joh 4:21 = God’s house of salvation/reunion wb all over the Gentile world).

“Let no man deceive himself. Outside of this house, that is, outside of the Church no one is saved.” – Origen (184 -253 A.D.)


  1. What God has promised to His people: 1) is ready to be taken by His people (18:1 “lay subdued” = Conquered and ready to be possessed; 2Co 1:20 w/Heb 10:12-13), 2) will remain largely unrealized until we strive to take possession of it (18:2-3; 2Ti 2:5-6), 3) is incongruent w/laziness or procrastination (18:3 “How long will you put off” = How long will you be lazy? Pro 18:9; Heb 12:1; 2Pe 1:10 w/19; Eph 5:14-16), 4) will oftentimes require that we grow in knowledge and discernment to see what He specifically has for us (18:4-10; Phi 1:9-11; Heb 5:11-14; e.g. Mar 8:17).


  1. All God’s people receive an inheritance (18:2-19:51; Act 20:32; Eph 1:11-18; 1Pe 1:4).


  1. God gave Benjamin a place of spiritual stability, strength and support (18:11-28 w/Deu 33:12 “shoulders” = The place of stability, strength and support).


  1. The sins of the fathers wb visited on the children unless the children do something to stop the curse (18:7a w/19:1-9 w/Gen 49:5-7 w/Exo 20:5 w/Exo 32:26-29).


  1. God follows former prophecy (18:7, 11, 19:9, 11 w/Deu 33:12, 188-19 and Gen 49:5-7, 13).

 “The tribe of Zebulon’s lot included the land which lay as far as the Lake of Genesareth, [Sea of Galilee] and that which belonged to Carmel and the [Mediterranean] sea”  – Josephus (Antiquities)


  1. No prosecution (no deprivation of life, liberty or property) without due process (20:1-6; The 5th Amendment is based on the God’s Law).


  1. The elders and congregation are: 1) tasked w/protecting other members of the covenant community from wrongful accusations and punishment (20:1-3, 5, 9), 2) to establish and participate in a judicial system for God’s people (20:4, 6-9; 1Co 6:1-6), 3) to determine guilt based on intent and evidence (20:3a, 5b, 9a; Num 35:30 and Deu 19:15; 2Co 13:1-5).


  1. Like the act itself, the punishment for manslaughter is also determined by God (20:6 “until the death of him who is the high priest at the time”; Exo 21:12-14).


  1. Proximity to His Levites/pastors is one of the ways God blesses His people (21:1-4, 9-19 in comparison to 21:5-8, 20-41; The territory of Judah, Simeon and Benjamin were the only to survive the later apostasy – 1Ki 12:16).


  1. What is to be given to God’s Levites/pastors includes what they need to do their job (21:42).


  1. God’s word and good promises to us include a permanent (or eternal): 1) dwelling place (21:43; 2Co 5:1), 2) victory over all our enemies (21:44; Most esp. the enemy of sin and death – 1Co 15:50-58).


  1. God has already proven that He will bring “to pass” every single “word” and “all the good promises” that He has made to those who belong to “house of Israel” (21:45).