Journaling: Joshua 10-13

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Nov 1, 2020
  1. Ganging up and going to war can be a sign that your enemies greatly fear you and the God your serve (10:1-5).


  1. We have an obligation to protect the welfare of those who represent our personal property (10:6-7; slaves [the Hivites/Gibeonites – 9:23, 27], wives and children; Eph 5:25-29, 6:4 = Welfare includes their spiritual welfare).


  1. Not all those in God’s army are “mighty men of valor” (10:7; This phrase refers to soldiers who demonstrate unending loyalty to their brothers and unhindered courage in the battle even when things get tough; e.g. 1Sa 14:52; 2Sa 20:7).


  1. People who trust in God’s integrity and ability to accomplish His promises have the motivation and energy needed to attack life’s challenges even when they are tired (10:8-9).


  1. Starting the fight w/God’s people has historically proven to not only illicit a bigger butt-kicking from God Himself (10:10-27; 10:11-14, 20, 24-25; 11:1-9; Exo 14:1-31), but also shut the mouths of those who were considering similar measures (10:21; Tit 1:10-11).


  1. Those God fights for: 1) mb devoted to the destruction of everything false and wicked (10:28-43, 11:21-23; Eph 5:6-11), 2) are equipped w/unbeatable power and perseverance for accomplishing His mission (10:42, 11:18; 2Pe 1:3), 3) waste resources for His glory (11:1-17, 21-23, 6, 9), 4) do not need great military weapons to protect themselves (11:6, 9), 5) know the difference between spoiled and spoils (11:13-14).


  1. Those the Lord has hardened, “devoted to destruction” — or determined to show “no mercy”, are known by the fact that they do not recognize – nor will submit to, His earthly kingdom (11:19-20; Luk 10:8-16).


  1. Much war and many kings stand in the way of God’s people possessing peace and their divine inheritance (11:23-12:24; Luk 12:49-53, 14:31-32; Rev 19:11; 2Co 10:1-5; Eph 6:10-12; 1Pe 1:13; 1Ti 1:18, 2Ti 2:3-4, 4:7-8; Phi 2:25; Phm 1:2).


  1. God’s mission for the covenant community can require multiple leaders and generations to realize or accomplish (13:1-6).


  1. God wants His people to make their living in the place where they live and His priests from the people where they minister (13:7-13, 15-32 w/14 and 33; 1Co 9:7-11; 1Ti 5:17-18).


  1. Even “good witches” deserve to die (13:22).


  1. One of the most important ways Jesus saves His people from their sins is by leading them to war against all those things in their lives that will keep them from inheriting heaven (the ultimate promised land and inheritance from God) (11:18 w/Mat 1:21 “Jesus” = Joshua; “for” = B/C; “he will save his people from their sins” = Deliver them and give them heaven; Jesus was the antitype of Joshua – the [first] new Moses of Deu 18:18-20. As such, Jesus’ role in delivering His people would include not only the giving them the Law [what characterized the ministry of Moses], but also war [what characterized the ministry of Joshua]. IOW: Jesus would lead His people in war against their sin and false religion as the means to delivering them to the promised land of heaven – 2Co 10:1-5 = The war is no longer against flesh and blood; Consider also Heb 12:1; 2Co 7:1).