Journaling: Job 9-12

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Mar 21, 2021

  1. Though we may be confused as to the reason why we are suffering, we must always remember that God will never reject us if we are “blameless” (i.e. practicing righteousness) (9:1-2a “truly I know that it is so” w/8:20-21).


  1. Questioning God (contending w/Him) when suffering: 1) will expose us as absolute fools given His “wisdom” and “might” revealed in Creation (9:2b-12), 2) was the folly of the fallen angels that guarantees also receiving His wrath (9:13-14; “Rahab” = The proud one; Satan), 3) is not a right afforded us because we are righteous, only the (right) to “appeal for mercy” (9:15), 4) means we are already not trusting that He cares for us (or is “listening to [our] voice”) (9:16-18), 5) would mean we are no longer righteous (or acting “blameless”) but instead “perverse” since His ways are “justice” and therefore should never be questioned (9:19-20).


  1. The confusion caused by suffering can make us think: 1) there is no benefit in being “blameless” (or righteous) (9:21-31), 2) there is nothing we can say or do to make things better (9:32-33), 3) anything we say to God will just make things worse (9:34-35).


  1. When suffering, the righteous (or “blameless”) can place a righteous “complaint” before God by appealing: 1) for mercy and understanding (10:1-2), 2) to preserve (or “favor”) the “work of [His] hands” (i.e. the good gifts given to His people – Jam 1:17) versus the work (or “designs”) of the wicked (10:3), 3) to God’s knowledge of our righteousness and His righteousness in giving us what we deserve (10:4-7), 4) to our frailty (10:8-11), 5) to our dependency on His “purpose” to “love” and “care” for us (10:12-13), 6) to His right to punish us if we sin and even more so if we do not quickly repent (10:14-17), 7) to the legitimacy of receiving relief given the futility of life without it and the shortness of life itself (10:18-22).


  1. Zophar was an Evangelical and/or a Calvinist (11:1-11; Total depravity/Evangelicalism: “everything we do is tainted by sin” – Michael Horton [Core Christianity]. This is due to a gross misinterpretation of Isa 64:6).


  1. Humans will give birth to donkeys (or pigs will fly) the day that people who choose to be stupid (unteachable/nonconforming to God’s Word) possess spiritual wisdom (or “understanding”) (11:12).


  1. A person whose heart is given to (or prepared for) God: 1) does not attempt to hide their actions but brings them before God to be examined by Him (11:13; Joh 3:20-21), 2) repents and removes all sin found by God (11:14), 3) has great confidence (bc they are without “blemish”) (11:15a), 4) enjoys the blessings of a secure relationship w/God as well as security from the consequences associated w/ “the wicked” (11:15b, 17-20), 5) will “forget” the “misery” of their former sins (11:16).


  1. You are insulting another person’s intelligence (i.e. calling them stupid) when you state what is obvious as though they didn’t know it (12:1-3; e.g. “money isn’t everything”).


  1. You show yourself to be truly stupid when you assume: 1) that all misfortune is the result of sin – or all fortune is the result of righteousness, in that person’s life (12:4-10), 2) you can gain wisdom without putting in the time to discern and gain precision in thinking (12:11-12) and to understand God’s (supreme) wisdom (versus the inferior wisdom of the world) (12:13-25).