Journaling: Deuteronomy 32-34; Joshua 1

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Sep 13, 2020

Deuteronomy 32-34

  1. It is important that we “ascribe greatness to our God” (32:1-3) thru “words” that affirm His “perfection”, “justice”, “faithfulness” and sinlessness (32:4), and attribute any failure to our own propensity to act “corruptly”, be “blemished”, or “crooked and twisted”, or “foolish and senseless” (32:5-6). IOW: God is not the One to blame.


  1. We are no longer God’s children when we are “blemished” – which is the consequence of: 1) dealing “corruptly” w/God (32:5a; “dealt corruptly” = acted w/o loyalty – see 32:16, 21; Exo 32), 2) “crooked and twisted” behavior (32:5c; “crooked and twisted” = acting w/o justice/faithfulness to God’s Law – see 32:19-20).


  1. Children are to act like their father (or) wb associated w/the father they act most like (32:5-6; 1Jo 3:7-10; Joh 8:44).


  1. Remembering God’s care for His people (us) in the past is a powerful deterrent against sin in the present (32:7-18).


  1. Affluency can be a curse that causes us to forsake God (32:15).


  1. False gods (or religion) are demons disguised as the real thing (32:16-17).


  1. The issue that causes God to “spurn” His “sons and daughters” is not lack of perfection but “faithfulness” (32:19-20).


  1. God responds in kind or “what comes around, goes around” (32:21).


  1. Idolatry – or the sin of showing ultimate loyalty to something other than God, will invite the worst of God’s wrath against us (32:15-25, 22-25).


  1. When God causes His people harm, the world and false religion are often deluded into thinking: 1) they have been “triumphant” (when in reality they “misunderstand”) (32:26-30), 2) they possess true God/religion (when in reality they are “by themselves”) (32:31-33) (e.g. Psa 22:7-8 w/Mat 27:39-43).


  1. God (or Jesus) makes His people pay for their sins (penal atonement) (32:34-43 w/Heb 10:30 and Heb 13:8-9a).


  1. Our “very li(ves)” will be determined by what (or whose) “words” we choose to “take to heart” (i.e. to take seriously and seriously commit to doing) (32:44-47).


  1. One of the curses associated w/not treating God as holy (e.g. not being careful in how we listen to Him) is seeing blessings that could have been ours, but never being able to realize them (32:48-52 w/34:1-6a).


  1. The Law is the precious “possession” given by God to His “people”: 1) b/c He “love(s)” them (33:1-4), 2) as the confirmation that He is their King (33:5).


  1. God does visit the faithfulness – and sins, of the fathers on their children (33:6-25; e.g. no mention of Simeon [vv6-7 = Reuben, then Judah]. God “divided” and “scattered” [Simeon] “in Jacob…Israel” [Gen 49:5-7] by making his tribe so small and insignificant that they are absorbed into Judah – Jos 19:1, 9; Num 26:14 = Simeon the smallest of the 12 tribes).


  1. The privilege of serving as one of God’s priests is granted to those who have proven their loyalty to God (and His Law) over family (33:8-11; e.g. Exo 32; Num 25).


  1. There is no God like the “eternal God” and no nation like the one who has Him as their “Help”, “Dwelling place”, Protector, Provider and Savior (33:26-29).


  1. So important is the secrecy of Moses’ burial site that not even the angels know where it is (34:6b w/Jud 9).


  1. God transfers His “spirit of wisdom” and authority from one leader to another in His covenant community through ordination (34:9a; “laid his hands on him” = ordination; Joh 20:22; 1Ti 4:14; *Ordination and proven loyalty [pt.16] – see Exo 32:29) and expects His people to obey them and follow their lead (34:9b w/Jos 1:16-18; Heb 13:17).


  1. God’s ability to safely and successfully lead His people through His ordained leaders does not require that He grant them the same gifts and abilities as their predecessors (34:7-12).


Jos 1

  1. God’s promise to be w/Joshua and give him success in his mission is the same promise God has given to every member of the New Covenant (1-5 w/Heb 13:5).


  1. God expects His leaders to be “very strong and courageous” in their leadership (versus impish, wimpish and whiney) (6-9, 18).


  1. The secret to “success” for God’s people is understanding and doing all of God’s Law (7-8).


  1. Godly leaders will remind their people of the correlation between their commitment to the covenant community and the Lord’s blessing and protection of their families (10-15; Num 32:16-30).