Hands Off! (Bli Yadayim!)

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 2, 2016

“The need for a Biblical treatment of lust and masturbation is necessary. Satan has conveniently disguised this “awful” topic as something that ought not to be mentioned, and never to be preached. The church’s response to this is a deafening silence.” – C. Matthew McMahon (Lust, Purity and the Christian Man)

The Bible teaches that all sexual activity is the gift of God given: to those existing in a biblically-defined marriage only, to be enjoyed with each other only[1]. Therefore, all sexual activity that is not exclusive to one’s spouse, is either immoral or adulterous (Heb 13:4). This includes then, masturbation[2] which is not in relation to one’s spouse (i.e. immoral masturbation or “IM”).

1. Historical views of masturbation (in general) within Judaism and the Church

2. The Bible’s explicit teaching on the subject of (IM) (Mat 5:27-32)

[1] See “Biblical Sexual Ethics” by R. Scott Jarrett

[2] Masturbation (def.) the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure. (Wikipedia)