Galatians 6 – Part 6

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 24, 2015

At the center of all a faithful pastor does in service to his people, is the sound gospel message. This is the focus of his preaching and practice. Persecution cannot muffle it. He will not be quiet, nor lax in his efforts to defend it (to GTGR!). Though he will see many pastors become soft over time – or sell out for popularity, he will remain the same. The reason for such commitment is straightforward, a faithful pastor is not ashamed of the gospel. It is instead his passion and pride, his “boast” in life. And this was the Apostle Paul.
In contrast to the Judaizers who were desiring to take pride (or “boast”) in a false gospel message, Paul found only one thing worthy of such glory – the sound gospel message of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. And in that sound gospel message, he was unashamed.