Galatians 3 – Part 10: Historical and Theological Context in 5 Propositions

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Mar 2, 2014

1. To be justified means to be in right standing with God; to be spiritually clean and forgiven; to be a child of God; to be a child of Abraham.
2. Under the Old Covenant (OC), the means of justification was through observing the clean laws (i.e. circumcision, animal sacrifice, Sabbath rest and washings related to separation). Paul calls these “the works of the law” (WOTL).
3. Peter ,James and the circumcision party still believe the WOTL are necessary for justification and therefore are attempting to get the Galatians to also observe the OC clean laws.
4. Paul however declares this “faith plus the WOTL gospel” false and damning. Not because it is works-based, the Bible knows no such religion. But because under the New Covenant, Christ has become our one clean law; the exclusive way of being justified; our only requirement for entering into a forgiven state and right standing with God; the single path to becoming the saved children of God and the children of Abraham. Therefore all that is necessary to be justified is faith alone in Christ alone.
5. Paul writes the Galatians letter to get the gospel right (GTGR).