Speaker: | Jun 12, 2005

1. Why Forgiving Others is Important
2. What forgiving others does and does not do.

A) Forgiveness does not require repentance from the sinner.
B) Forgiveness does not guarantee a sense of relief or peace when you do it.
C) Forgiveness does not always prohibit us from receiving some sort of restitution from those who have sinned  against us.
D) Forgiveness does not negate justice nor does it guarantee that the person who is forgiven will not face consequences for their action.
E) Forgiveness does expect that we feel loving towards the person we are forgiving.
F) Forgiveness does demonstrate a heart that knows it’s own forgiveness
G) Forgiveness does reveal a life that is truly been changed by the grace of God in salvation.
3. What our forgiveness in relation to others is to look like.
A) our forgiveness is to be extremely generous since God is extremely generous in His forgiveness of us.
B) Our forgiveness is to be incredibly gracious since God is incredibly gracious in His forgiveness of us.
C) Our forgiveness must be sincerely loving since God is sincerely loving in His forgiveness of us.
D) Our forgiveness is to be eternally permanent since God is eternally permanent in His forgiveness of us.
4. A working definition of forgiveness: I am promising to never allow that sin to hinder me from seeking their good and extending to them my peace.