Why Has Evil Become so Evil in This Country?

Speaker: | Oct 22, 2017

Why Has Evil Become So Evil in This Country?

Because the Gospel being preaching by the churches in this country have jettisoned the practice of God’s Law 1) as necessary to salvation, 2) as the focus of discipleship in the home (Deu 6:4-9), and 3) as the basis of discipline in the church.

Without the Law, there can be no love (since this is what defines it). There is instead harm to our neighbor and people taking advantage of one another (Rom 13:8-10), and this to the degree that the Law is displaced. In other words, the more the Law of God is rejected, the more evil things will become since evil’s restraint (or what subdues evil, i.e. the Law) is now gone. Without the Law weighing on the mind, people have no conscience or moral compass to guide them (Ecc 10). Going back to the church and why the blame is to be placed squarely on the church is for 3 reasons.

1. Because Christ calls us (churches/Christians) to be the salt of the earth and light of the world. (Mat 6)

2. Because Christ calls us to be the ones teaching the world God’s Law. (Mat 28; Mal 4; Isa 42:4)

3. Because it is the gospel message which is the primary responsibility of the church. (Eph 3)


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