Encouraging Faithfulness in Our Own Lives and the Lives of Others

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Aug 27, 2017

1. How do you encourage faithfulness in the lives of others or yourself?

As it relates to all human beings, we all live and make choices based on what we believe about God. This means the best way to encourage faithfulness is to remind ourselves and each other what God is really like by asking these kinds of questions:

1.1. Will He really do what He says? Is He trustworthy? (Num 23:19; Pro 16:4; Psa 17; Deu 28)

1.2. Does He really know what is best for me? Is God really wise or is He just set in His ways? (Psa 139)

1.3. Does He have the power to give me what He promises? Is He sovereign? (Psa 105, 135, 9:7; Pro 16:4; Mat 10:26-33)

1.4. Will He give me what is right? (Psa 9:1-9)

1.5. In light of all these other people, does God really care about me personally? (1 Pet 5:6-7; Psa 103:11-19, 37:3-4)


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