The Difference Between a Weak Christian and a False Christian

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Sep 24, 2017

1. The Difference Between a Weak Christian and a False Christian

The following and the essential elements for both becoming and continuing to be a Christian:

1.1. Submission to Christ as Lord before Savior. (Jud 1:5; 2Co10 w/ Heb 13:8; Mat 8:5-10)

1.2. Agreement to Christ’s marriage covenant. (Christ only saves through covenant)

1.2.1. All of His covenants are conditional. (Gen 17:1; Exo 24)

1.2.2. We must maintain what we gain. (Phi 3; 2Pet 1:5-11)

1.2.3. Failure to maintain will end in divorce. Hence why final judgment is according to our deeds – did we maintain what we gained?

1.3. Entrance into Christ’s church (since):

1.3.1. The Church is where we express faith and enter into marriage covenant with Christ (i.e. become one with Christ and receive justification/salvation). (Joh 14, 16; Rom 6:1 w/ 2Pet 3:21)

1.3.2. The Church is where we continue to receive His blood. (Joh 13:1-20; Mat 16:19-20)

1.3.3. The Church is for who Christ shed His blood and is returning for. (Act 20:28; Rev 19)

1.3.4. To be outside of the Church is to be outside of Christ. (Mat 18:17-20)

1.4. So then, whether weak or strong, all Christians possess those three elements as the proof of new and continuing life in Christ. To say that someone is a weak Christian who is missing one of these three is like calling someone who is dead or doesn’t exist a “weak person.”

1.5. Remember: Jesus said “many” will miss Heaven because they missed the essential element of covenant – the few getting into Heaven is in relation to those attempting to enter through Christ. (Luk 13)


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