Why So Few Christians? How Should We View God, Especially in Light of National Tragedy?

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | Sep 10, 2017

1. Why are there fewer and fewer individuals claiming to be Christians? What is the correct view of God, most especially in light of national tragedy?

1.1. The common view preached among humanity is that God wants everyone to be His friend – or flattered by Him. It is the picture of a boy doing silly or cutesy things to impress a girl he really likes. [No wonder so many are completely turned off by God – because if this is His intention, He is utterly failing!]

1.2. The biblical and correct picture is instead that of an unbeatable King who extends a means of deliverance (salvation) because of His perfect mercy. He extends this mercy to those people living on His land, but they rebel against Him. These same individuals are those whom He would otherwise (eternally) destroy – because of His perfect justice. This King is already at war with humanity (because they are rebels). Bad things and national tragedies are meant to serve as a reminder (even for us who have submitted to Him) of both the terrible consequences of rebellion and importance of staying true to the terms of deliverance.