A Theology Of Social Media

Speaker: Scott Jarrett | May 8, 2011

1. Since Social Media is the new frontier in human relationship and communication building, we as Christians must engage it.
2. The ideas, images and information we exchange in Social Media reveals our heart. What we truly love and cherish most.
3. Christian communication in public, which is the realm of Social Media, is always to be driven by the possibility of present/future ministry.
4. Wisdom is most easily expressed by keeping our mouths shut versus opening them.
5. Teaching or expressing your Christian opinion, or the Christian opinion of others, through Social Media, immediately invites the stricter scrutiny of Jesus, the Bible and your church.
6. Social Media reveals more people to be heretics and rebels than it does Bible experts and godly followers of Christ.
7. The cult of personality is king in Social Media, but idolatry to God.
8. What you say in Social Media should be consistent with what you are willing to say in person.