10 Truths That Have Had the Greatest Impact On Me as a Young Christian

Speaker: Ryan Stinnett | Aug 25, 2019
  1. Experiencing God’s love and blessings in this life, and getting to heaven someday, requires loving and obeying Him.
  2. Being courageous, speaking and standing up for God, is not optional.
  3. Jesus will be ashamed of those who are ashamed of Him.
  4. The Covenant Community are those I am to be sharing my life with.
  5. The hardest battle we will fight is the one for our hearts and minds.
  6. Don’t stop thinking about the end game.
  7. It is not trust, if we only trust when things are good.
  8. Jesus never said following Him was going to be easy.
  9. Though hard, Jesus promises that faithfulness is possible for everyone.
  10. Always be practicing thankfulness.