What Does It Mean to Forgive Biblically?

What does it mean to forgive? Is forgiveness simply letting go and moving on? If someone commits a crime against you, is forgiveness not calling the police? What if you own a business and an employee steals from you, is forgiveness letting them keep their job? Or how about when a spouse cheats in their relationship, does forgiveness mean their spouse shouldn’t divorce them or be upset? In any scenario, the answers to how a victim responds and forgives the guilty party is not always clear cut. Many cases happen every day where the innocent becomes the punished, inequity is created, and justice is twisted or foregone altogether. The failure to answer these kinds of questions correctly results in wickedness prevailing and guilty parties walking away unpunished. If we have any hope of restoring the balance to the scales of justice, we must commit to understanding forgiveness biblically. At the beginning of November, we revisited the definition of forgiveness in a biblical light, listen here for more: Forgiving Others.