Law/Gospel Dichotomy?

Dr Elmer Martens’ conclusion on Paul’s view of the Law in his essay, Embracing The Law: A Biblical Theological Perspective

“Paul is fighting on two fronts: against those antinomians who hold that Christ’s coming abrogates law, and against super nationalists who maintain Jewish exclusivism on the basis of the law. So Paul can be heard saying both a “Yes” to the law when its goodness is in question, even its earlier life-bringing function, but “No” to the law at those points where it reinforced Jewish ethnic solidarity without making room, through Christ, for the Gentiles (i.e. they wanted the Gentiles to become Jews to be justified). The view here advocated sees less of a dichotomy between law and gospel. This exposition allows one to see more gospel in law, and more law in the gospel. The implications for Christian ethics which arise out of an endorsement of Old Testament law are huge.”