Justification Rediscovered: Application

dikiaos1-300x105In Protestant Christianity, the application of justification to the life of the believer has primarily been discussed under the doctrine of imputation. However, due to the rampant error bound up in the evangelical church’s definition of justification as well as her serious misunderstanding of Second Temple Judaism, the religious context of the word justification and its usage in the Biblical text, the doctrine of imputation has suffered its own error and misunderstanding. As we shall see, the consequences do not end there. The very message and meaning of the Gospel has also been threatened meaning that a biblically sound view is just as important for imputation as it is for justification since one affects the other and both  ultimately affect the Gospel.

Some of the questions that will be addressed are the following:  

Where is the “time of probation” mentioned in Scripture?

Is Christ’s active obedience needed for righteousness?

What exactly must be imputed for our justification?

Why couldn’t Christ die as a baby?

Can justification be earned?  

Join us for an important and instructive discussion of the issues surrounding imputation tomorrow evening – Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7 PM. The teaching will also be recorded and uploaded to Our Sermons at a later date. Tomorrow’s teaching will be the fourth in the series entitled, Justification Rediscovered.