Galatians: Gospel Bombs


Christ Covenant Church is in the midst of a study of the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul’s first epistle. Galatians is a polemic on New Covenant Justification and the gospel bombs series deals with Galatians chapter 1 through chapter 2, verse 10 answering questions such as:

How does the Bible define “grace” and “peace”?

What does “agree to disagree” indicate about your view of the Gospel?

Why must the believer condemn those who teach a false gospel?

According to what standard will we be judged at the last day?

Does being Reformed guarantee that our gospel is correct?

Upon whose approval did Paul’s Gospel depend?

Upon what does Paul base his defense of the Gospel?

What two things are required in order to get the Gospel right?

How could Paul oppose Peter and James, but still respect the role and necessity of the church in order to get the Gospel right?

What is the definition of a biblical church?

How does Paul’s private meeting with church leaders affect our understanding of the church?

Is the church a democracy or a republic?

What is the church’s job in regard to false teachers?

What are the four legitimate gospel ministries according to the New Testament?

The Galatians series will begin again at Christ Covenant Church in February. To listen to the messages on Galatians and more, go to our sermon page. The teaching is also available for downloading as a podcast. Sunday School teaching and worship service messages are all available for viewing on our YouTube channel.