Galatians Backstory


Christ Covenant Church is in the midst of a study of the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul’s first epistle. This sermon is an in-depth look at the historical circumstances which caused the book to be written, dealing with questions such as:

How many times did Paul go to Jerusalem and what happened during each visit?

In order to understand the message of the book, why is it essential that we know all that Scripture reveals about these visits?

What were Paul’s activities during the fourteen intervening years between his conversion and his second visit to Jerusalem?

What was the central Gospel issue that caused Paul to write the Epistle to the Galatians?

How does the book of Galatians support the sound Gospel?

What happens to the Gospel when it is not grounded in rigorous theology?

To learn how the Epistle to Galatians answers these questions and why these answers are critical to the Christian life, listen to Galatians 0: The Backstory (also available for downloading as a podcast) or watch on YouTube.