Our Theology

“Follow the pattern of sound words that you have heard from me…” – 2 Timothy 1:3

Our TheologyWhether we realize or not, every single human being is the product of their theology (i.e. what they believe – or don’t believe about God). It determines our morals (or lack thereof), career choices, goals in life, how we spend our money – even who we marry. As such, one of the most important tasks that Christ has given to His Church is the identification, summation, and explanation of those teachings in the bible which are redundant, repeated and emphasized – especially those related to God and His redemptive relationship with man. In other words, to establish sound theology for the people of God. Historically, the way to accomplish this task has been through the use of doctrinal statements in the form of Confessionals, Systematic Theologies, and Biblical Theologies.

Below you’ll find Christ Covenant Church’s key theological statements and studies. Your questions are welcomed!