Our Story

Our story begins in the summer of 2001 in Pleasantview, a tiny suburb of Golden, CO. With just 14 people along with the planting Pastor, Richard Scott Jarrett and his wife, Kris, Calvary Bible Church of Ann Arbor, MI, planted Pleasantview Bible Church. God has shown this body great blessing over the past decade by our growth in knowledge and understanding of His word along with an increase in number of dedicated followers of Christ. Over time our name has changed, as well as our love for Christ and one another continues to grow, all in reflection to our deeper, more accurate understanding of Scripture. We are now Biblical, Historical, and Reformed with a deep conviction of the need to proclaim the sound gospel message: that repentance and living in faithful obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord are imperative to receiving Him as Savior. We are real people that truly care about being completely faithful to our Father, who commands us to gather together weekly to worship and remember Him in singing, communion, and deep study of His Word, the Bible, and then practically applying it in our lives. We are God’s people brought together by His grace to function as the early Church did; we love Christ by loving His body, there is never anyone in need. These convictions are what continue to be our focus at Christ Covenant Church over a decade later as we attempt to reach the lost and advance Christ’s kingdom in our beloved city.