5 reasons why we must take time to be sure that we possess the sound Gospel

The-Way-300x127Do you know the true Gospel? Do you completely understand how to communicate that Gospel in a way that your friends and family can understand? Are you able to effectively support the Gospel from Scripture? Do you ever wonder if the Gospel that you have shared truly represents the “faith that was once for all delivered to the saints”? (Jude 3) If you are asking any of those questions, then we invite you to make time in order to listen to the series, “The Sound Gospel.”

Last Sunday’s message was the first in the series and over the next weeks and months, Pastor Scott will be teaching the Good News to the members of DSC for the purpose of effectively communicating the “sound” (i.e. as found in the biblical text or the correct) Gospel. The goal is to┬áput it all together, to learn how the Gospel resonates consistently and clearly through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This study will require many sermons, but because there is such unity in the material, those sermons will seem like just a single address to the hearer.

All sixty-six books of the Bible are needed for a full understanding of God’s redemptive plan, but the Gospel is not so big that we are unable to summarize it. At the end of the study, we should be deep thinkers on the Gospel, but also effective communicators of it.

Ian Wilson

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